working holiday visa for malaysians

An Epic Guide to Getting An Australian Work and Holiday Visa for Malaysians


It seems that the Australian High Commission of Kuala Lumpur has recently updated their website and it is imperative and utterly important that you visit that website and read about everything you need to know in order to successfully apply for the Australian Work and Holiday visa (Subclass 462). Please do not ask me (or the other helpful readers) questions pertaining to the application if the answers are already provided on the website or in the comments below. For goodness sake, don’t be lazy and spend some time reading the website thoroughly! If you can’t even take the initiative to even do that, then I’m sorry, we really can’t help you out. And do bear in mind that I’m not an agent nor am I working for the Australian High Commission. I’m merely an ex-Australian Work and Holiday visa applicant and can only share with you my experiences. Nothing more. If you need clarification on certain things like exemptions, translations, certifications, etc., I suggest that you email the High Commission.

Now, here are the most important links which will tell you what you need to do, how to apply, where to apply, a document checklist and so on.

  1. Australian High Commission of Kuala Lumpur
  2. Australia Work and Holiday Visa Document Checklist
  3. Australia Work and Holiday Visa (Subclass 462) General Information 
  4. VFS Malaysia for Australia

Please note that what I went through in 2013 is different from what you’re going to go through. The other details below (written in 2013) are similar, in terms of pre-lodging. The difference is, you need to schedule your appointment for the lodging of your documents online, instead of lining up outside the Australian High Commission building like what I did.

Online appointments are to be made on VFS’s website on the 11th July 2016 at 9.00 AM. And just to clarify, first you need an appointment. After that, if you *manage* to be the first 100 to secure one, you’ll be given ANOTHER date (the date could range from days to weeks, I guess) to lodge your application in person at the VFS.

2013’s version:

To my Malaysian readers who are interested in the Australian Work and Holiday (Subclass 462), here are some tips and insights in how you can go about with your application. If you could follow these steps diligently, then there’s no need for the ensuing anxiety and paranoia which may be understandingly palpable but unnecessary.

Meanwhile, here’s a short run down of eligibility requirements:

After you’ve done that, your next step is to prepare your documents.

PRE-LODGMENT (Try to do this two months before 1 JULY each year)

You need:

1) A Birth Certificate

2) A Government Letter of Good Conduct

3) A certified* copy of your University Degree/Evidence of having successfully completed a 2-year undergraduate study

4) Proof of English

5) Bank Statements to show proof of funds

6) A completed application 1208 form (which you can download from the website) + 2 passport photos

7) Visa Fee: RM 930 (cash/credit card) (check for latest updates)

Birth Certificate

Provide a certified* copy. If you’ve an old birth cert that’s only in Malay, you may need to translate this document. The new birth certs, obtainable from Putrajaya JPN, are in both English and Malay.

A Government Letter of Good Conduct (Terribly important) 

Don’t panic even if you’ve no idea what this is all about. The process is fairly straight forward. Go to the Malaysian Consular Website , register yourself as a first-time guest, fill out the application form online, print them and prepare the photos and photocopies of your passport. You can choose to either lodge your application via post or in person in Putrajaya. The processing time is about 1-2 months so if you’d like to get a good night’s sleep, get this done as soon as you can. (Update 2016: check their latest guidelines)

A certified* copy of your University Degree/Evidence of having successfully completed a 2-year undergraduate study

Photocopy your degree and have it certified*. If you don’t have a degree, get your university to write you an official letter stating that you’ve finished at least 2 years of your undergraduate study.

Proof of English

If you’ve previously finished a university degree in English speaking countries, a copy of your degree or transcripts should suffice. If you’ve done your degree in Malaysia or elsewhere, then get an official document from your university to state that you’ve duly completed your degree solely in English. If not, you’d have to show transcripts of your TOEFL or IELTS examination.

Bank Statement 

Have at least AUD 5000 in a bank account under your name. If you don’t have such money, get your parents, relatives or friends to transfer that amount of money into your account. Once your balance reflects the target balance, have it printed out on official bank templates and get it signed by a bank manager. If not, you can also have the copies certified* officially.

Application Form 1208

Read the form thoroughly and complete the form as honest as you can. You’re not required to have a health insurance though it’s encouraged. Neither are you required to have a contact in Australia or anything. Just be honest and accurate.

Visa Fees

Check the websites above to have the most updated information. I paid RM930


Unless you want to provide originals, my suggestion is to get your ALL of your documents photocopied and certified by the Commissioner for Oaths/Notary Publics. To find your nearest Comm for Oaths, check out this directory. A certified page usually costs about RM4-5.

Should you have further doubts or questions, please email the Australian High Commission. They will provide you the information fairly quick.


2016’s process (varies yearly)

Online appointments are to be made on VFS’s website on the 11th July 2016 at 9.00 AM. After 100 appointment slots were given away, the lucky 100 will get a specific date where they were told WHEN and WHERE the lodging of their documents will take place. Health check-ups are done after lodging, not before. You’ll be notified of how you can go about doing so AFTER you’ve lodged your documents.

  • Tip: If you happen to be unlucky enough to have missed this deadline, check Australian High Commission of Malaysia website a month later or so and see if all slots have been taken up. Occasionally (though rare), initial applicants may be rejected due to insufficient documents or ineligibility. If that happens, they will announce on the website that they are still accepting applications.

Good luck!


2013’s Process (My personal experience)

The Work and Holiday Visa for Malaysians lodging process usually takes place on the 1st working day of July, each year, at the Australian High Commission in KL along Jalan Yap Kwan Seng. The High Commission officially opens at 8.30am but the queue for this particular visa will start 8 hours before. In July 2012, the queue started from 10.00pm or so. In July 2013, you might want to get there about this time or earlier.

Yes, you’ll need to sacrifice a bit of sleep but hey, it’ll be worth it. Bring enough liquids and some snacks with you. Bring a mat, a foldable chair, a book, an iPad, a laptop, friends and family to keep you company. Time passes faster when you’re having fun.

At about 7.30 am, an officer will come by and start passing out the numbers. Once you get your number and your appointment time, turn up punctually for the actual application process itself.

There is no interview for the application process. You basically have to submit your forms, pay the fee, and wait patiently to receive the bio-metrics and medical examination document. The whole process will take about another 2 hours.

What time should you be there to queue up for the visa? Find out more here.



Go to VFS/AVAC the earliest soonest possible at Wisma MCA to submit your biometrics. You will receive a receipt after your submission.

Do your chest x-ray examinations at either one of these panel clinics. It’s an e-health visa thing so the clinic admin will submit the examination results on your behalf. Chest x-rays will cost you about RM100-RM110.

Once you’ve done the routine and gone through all the hassle, pat yourself on the back, sit and wait.

I got my visa within 4 working days. Some people got it within 2 weeks. Be patient and it’ll eventually come through.

Good luck and happy travels.

PS-Don’t worry about looking for jobs and accommodation prior to securing the visa. There are plenty of jobs and places to stay once you get here. If you’d like to follow me on how I go about job-hunting in Australia then bookmark/subscribe to this blog to find out.

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In her vagabonding heydays, she's backpacked to many countries, lived in a few, funded her wanderlust by teaching English to sailors on Italian cruise ships and making coffees in hipster cafes.

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  • pinky 16/09/2012   Reply →

    Hi thnx for sharing the information,can I ask if no any degree and study university what the other document can support?

    • Piccola Ying 16/09/2012   Reply →

      Hi Pinky,
      Thanks for dropping by. I’m sorry, I don’t think you’d be eligible for the visa if you don’t have a degree or have at least completed 2 years of undergraduate study. I could be wrong however. You could email the Australian High Commission to verify this.

  • Chan Chee Chun 17/09/2012   Reply →

    hi,my problem is im just terminate frm my study. im only complete 2 year out of 4 year. Is it consider as pass their requirement??

    • Piccola Ying 17/09/2012   Reply →

      Hi Chee Chun,
      Yes, I think that might qualify as long as you could prove that you’ve completed those 2 years. You could probably ask the university to write you an official letter to do so. Good luck!

      • Chan Chee Chun 17/09/2012   Reply →

        icic…thx ur advice ya…btw im wanna applying the working holiday in australia & major in fruit picking or packing or thinning. So which part of australia u will be advice ?? or else do u hv any vacancies link of this job in melbourne??

        • Piccola Ying 17/09/2012   Reply →

          Most fruitpicking and farm jobs usually takes place in regional parts of Australia in any state. You can check out,, and google for some more. No, Melbourne is a city…they don’t have much labour jobs here though they probably do have it in the state of Victoria.

          • Chan Chee Chun 18/09/2012  

            icic….thx ur advice & idea ya…hehehe….hv a nice day & keep in touch…

  • hi,may i know if i have completed my 3 year degree solely in english medium. im not required to do TOEFL or IELTS again rite? coz i hate taking exam after years of grads^^

    • Piccola Ying 18/09/2012   Reply →

      Hi Leong, you may be right. However, you’ll be required to get an official document from your university declaring that you’ve done your degree in English to prove so. Good luck! 🙂

      • from your article, we were discourage to waste $ to translate our docs into english. but i prefer to translate it to avoid my documents being banned on the day of lodgement. may i know who should i liaise to get my malay docs. translated? (sorry im lost)

      • Piccola Ying 20/09/2012   Reply →

        Hi Leong, I’m not sure why you want to have your documents translated as I’ve mentioned before the Immigration Officer specifically mentioned that nothing needs to be translated. Anyway, if you still want to, I you could perhaps ask some Commissioner for Oaths if they also do translation. Some do.

  • Jonathan Matthew 25/09/2012   Reply →

    Hi! Im very interested in this visa and will do all it takes to get it. I have all the requirements needed for the application however my question is, i heard people going on and on about how difficult it is to obtain it. So if i do all the steps right and fulfill all the requirements, what is the success rate? I mean i heard there is only 100 slots every year and if i successfully applied, what would be the reason of rejection as to what people are saying that it is hard to get the visa even if i submitted all the required documents.

    The last question is if i get approved in July 2013 application, how soon can i leave to aussie upon receiving the confirmation of the visa?

    I hope to hear from you soon. Cheers.

    • Piccola Ying 25/09/2012   Reply →

      Hi Jonathan, as you can see from my previous blog entry, it’s a first come first serve basis visa. Which means, if you queue up on time and are within the 100 applicants of the year, and possessing all the right documents, there’s no reason for your application to be rejected. And once you’ve received the confirmation of the visa, you can very well leave the very next day or within the next few months if you wish.

  • Kwang Kwang Kwang. 26/09/2012   Reply →

    Very informative. Thanks!

  • clees 12/11/2012   Reply →

    Hi there,
    Do you know who else can certified the documents?

    • Piccola Ying 12/11/2012   Reply →

      Notary publics and commissioner for can find them online.

  • Maggie 13/11/2012   Reply →

    Dear Piccola,

    I didnt know the opening was in July n have totally missed it!! Now I was planning to go to New Zealand for the working holiday visa scheme (apply in Jan n go there in Feb 2013) from Feb’13 – Jun’13 and then apply for the Australia work holiday visa in July. Am I still eligible for it? The requirement state that ‘ have not held a working holiday visa’ however in bracket class 417 & 462…? I am not sure of how this goes.


    • Piccola Ying 13/11/2012   Reply →

      Hi Maggie,

      Yes, you should be. The ‘working holiday visa’ in the requirements applies to the Australian visa, not New Zealand’s. As you’ve never applied for the Australian visa, you’re safe. Good luck!

  • Hazel 23/12/2012   Reply →

    Hi Piccola Ying

    I am glad that I found your blog….

    I suppose i met most of the requirements above…

    But i have a few doubts still,

    1. So there is no interview actually?
    2. So as long as i meet all the requirement including the medical checkup, i will get my holidays and working visa?
    3. Actually my plan is a 3 in 1 plan: holiday, working, and to do my selective in a hospital (selective as in doing some attachment/clinical posting in hospital), so do u think that can be happen, as in I am allowed to do so with holidays and working visa.

    Sorry for bombing you so much questions. =)


    • Piccola Ying 24/12/2012   Reply →

      Hi Hazel,

      To answer your first question, I can confirm that there isn’t an interview (based on my experience). Yes, if you meet all requirements AND are one of the first 100 people who apply for the visa, then there shouldn’t be a problem. As for doing an attachment in a hospital, I’m not sure if the working holiday visa allows it. Maybe it depends on the duration of your attachment I guess. You could perhaps write to the Immigration Officer to clarify.

  • Crest.W 29/12/2012   Reply →

    Hi Piccola,

    I am very interested in getting this Visa and I should be qualified for most of the requirements. However I am having concern regarding the medical checkup section. What exactly does the checkup includes? Frankly I am legally OKU with slight vision impairment issues, do you think this condition would caused me to failed the medical qualification? Also how good are the job perspective in Australia? Which city’destination is best recommended?

    Thank you.

    • Piccola Ying 29/12/2012   Reply →

      Hi Crest,

      The medical checkup demands you only to get a chest x-ray, probably to determine if you have tuberculosis. The process is pretty simple, done in a day, in one of the panel clinics. You’ll have to foot the cost yourself but that’s all. You don’t need to do the medical examination until you’ve lodged your application along with the required documents. You can’t really fail the med exams unless you do really have TB. Job prospects are good everywhere as long as you don’t mind doing anything. Do look up to see the kind of jobs you can do or that caters more for holidaymakers. Big cities like Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane or Perth usually offer good prospects in hospitality and temp desk jobs while the outback all around Australia offer agricultural and farming jobs that pay relatively well. The key is to gain some experience in any part of Australia and move around. Employers prefer hiring travelers who have at least some sort of experience in Australia but are happy to take on anyone who doesn’t mind a minimum wage (but don’t sell yourself short. 10 AUD an hour is just slavery). Good luck!

  • Nathaniel 04/01/2013   Reply →

    Hi Piccola Ying,
    May i ask that, if i’m not a Degree holder, but i got STPM cert and Malaysia University English Test cert.
    is it still can apply this Working and Holiday visa ?

    • Piccola Ying 04/01/2013   Reply →

      Hi Nathaniel, I don’t think so as the requirements did state that you need to have a degree or finished two years of undergraduate studies. You also need an IELTS test to prove your English proficiency.

      • Nathaniel 07/01/2013   Reply →

        But my STPM courses majority are completed in English Course. Coz I graduated in TARC.
        Is it still need to prove English proficiency!?

  • Darren Low 10/01/2013   Reply →

    Hi Piccola Ying

    from this link

    It is stated “You must hold tertiary qualifications”
    Tertiary qualifications include the following:

    Doctoral degree
    Masters degree
    Graduate diploma <—
    Graduate certificate
    Bachelor degree
    Associate degree.

    I am just a Diploma holder , does this means I am eligible to apply ?

    • Piccola Ying 10/01/2013   Reply →

      Hi Darren,

      A graduate diploma, according to the Australian education system, is something you get after you get your Bachelor degree. It’s when you don’t do an Honours program, you’re required to have a graduate diploma before qualifying for a Masters Degree. I hope that makes sense. Having said that, having a Diploma means you’ve probably completed 2 years of undergraduate study, I presume? If that’s the case, you do qualify.

      • eeeee 18/02/2013   Reply →

        I was studying in TARC till my advance diploma after that I went to UK for 3 months summer programme. Am I eligible to apply?

        • Piccola Ying 19/02/2013   Reply →

          I suppose your advance diploma did take more than 2 years to complete? If that was so, then yes, you should be eligible.

  • jessy 12/01/2013   Reply →

    Hi, I have got a question. So as long as you queue up and you get the number within 100 you are only consider successfully lodging the docs? That means I am not blindly pay for the lodging? I only scared after I submit they said the quota is already fulled. By the way, when you were queueing, were there lots of ppl? And did all of them manage to get the numbers? I’m just wondering how high is the chances getting the numbers

    • Piccola Ying 13/01/2013   Reply →

      Hi Jessy, I’ve written a rather vivid piece on my experience here: and that pretty much sums up the entire ordeal. The earlier you queue up, the better your chances are. The first girl started lining up at 10.00pm the night before to secure the number. My friend and I queued up at about 1am and we got number 38 and 39. By 3.30am, the quota’s been filled but still there were people who came. I think those who got number 101-110 get to be on the waiting list but unfortunately there’s no guarantee that those on the waiting list would be considered. I’d suggest you to get there earlier so that you get to secure numbers below 100. Good luck!

      • Jessy 05/03/2013   Reply →

        Hi Piccola, It’s me again… I just planned to do the application for letter of good conduct. How long did you wait for the letter? Did it come by post or other ways?

        Also, can’t I just photocopy the bank book or Fixed Deposit slip and get certified? Because if it is in FD slip, it is impossible to ask the bank to print out template…

        • Piccola Ying 05/03/2013   Reply →

          Yeah, my letter of good conduct came in the post within a month’s time. That’s because I wasn’t in the country then. If it’s not a hassle for you, you can also collect the letter of good conduct in person.

          Yeah, you can photocopy the bank book or the FD slip as long as the bank’s logo and your name is visible on the slip. You basically just have to prove that you have enough money in your own bank account for the application. Then, you’ll have to certify those copies.

      • Jessy 14/03/2013   Reply →

        Hi Piccola, I am wondering about one thing as you didn’t mention at all. Did you certify your passport? If you do, is it only the page shows the details or also with another page with signature? As I do not understand the checklist written: Certified copies of the biodata pages of all passports or travel documents (including the photograph), that means we have to certify the photo as well?

        • Piccola Ying 14/03/2013   Reply →

          Hi Jessy, I photocopied my biodata page of my passport (it has a photo on it) and a few other pages where I’ve got visas and stamps on them. Then, I got all those photocopies certified. Hope that helps?

          • Angel 21/07/2015  

            Hello piccolo just to check do we need to bring all original documents along ie passport birthcert etc or the certified version is sufficient?

          • Piccola Ying 21/07/2015  

            I think you’d need to bring everything original and certified, with the exception of your birthcert. I’ve forgotten if they checked against the copies but you’d need your original passport if I’m not mistaken.

  • Jenn Clayvon 19/01/2013   Reply →

    Hi there Piccola! I would love to know how did you secure a job after you got there. Was it hard to get a job in Aust or it depends on certain places/jobs you looking for? I don’t mind selling ice creams with a cute truck in a theme park you know but how much acceptance of these people towards foreigners? And how’s the wage there? I know all these questions may sound a bit clueless as you may not have the stats or much info but well, I love to know your experience once you got there, the process you go through until you got your first job. Thanks in advance for you reply. Hope to hear from you soon! Thanks for sharing these Panic Guide, it helps a lot!

    • Piccola Ying 19/01/2013   Reply →

      Hi Jenn,
      To get a job in Australia is definitely not difficult as long as you’re not picky. You can use websites like,, and recruitment agencies to find jobs. For jobs in the hospitality industry, was great. The trick is to send out as many CVs as you can. It was also really easy for me to work in cafes and restaurants as I’ve had prior experience. I was working 3 jobs within a month. Minimum wage should be about 15AUD and could go up to 21-22 AUD or higher if it’s an award wage for that specific industry. Have a clear, thorough and well-formatted CV to gauge the employer better. If cafes are what you’re aiming for, photocopy your CV and hand them personally to the managers in charge. Walk into a cafe or restaurant, say you’re looking for work and pass them your CV. If they like the way you present yourself, they’d call you. There are a lot of international students and immigrants in Australia so you’re not going to stand out. Be confident and sell yourself well. Let me know if you have other questions! 🙂

      • Jenn Clayvon 21/01/2013   Reply →

        Thanks for the reply.

        A few other questions:
        1. I finished my Degree of Science in a private college from Malaysia. However my course was done under a twinning programme from University in UK. Should it be sufficient without the need of getting a letter from the University to proof that my course was solely conducted in English?

        2. Can I do my health check/x-ray scan and gets the required health documents before I lodge my submissions on 1st July? I don’t want to wait ’till last minute.

        Many thanks Piccola!

        • Piccola Ying 21/01/2013   Reply →

          No worries, Jenn. Yes, it would be sufficient if you have an official letter from the University to prove that your course was solely conducted in English. As for the medical examination, no, you won’t be able to do it until you’ve lodged the documents. You’ll receive an official letter/receipt from the Immigration Department to do your medical checkup right after.

  • Angeline 19/01/2013   Reply →

    Hello Little Wanderer,

    Thank you so much for putting your time to craft this post. Here’s a few questions:

    1. Say, I’ve lodged the documents, and I’ve gotten the visa, what’s next?
    2. How long’s the working holiday visa we’re entitled?
    3. I can choose anytime to go to Australia as long as it is within the time frame of the visa?


    • Piccola Ying 19/01/2013   Reply →

      If you’ve got the visa, the next thing is to plan your departure. Buy your flight ticket and go! You have a one year working holiday visa (multiple entry) and you also have 1 year to enter the country, from the time they grant you the visa. Once you enter the country, you’ll have another year to work and travel in Australia legally.

  • Vivien 21/01/2013   Reply →

    Re: A Government Letter of Good Conduct (Terribly important) or a certified* copy

    I went onto the Malaysian Consular Website and registered as a user and on the landing page I’ve been informed of the following:

    “The Statutory Declaration is eligible to all Malaysian, except for applicant who will be visiting any of the following countries: The United States of America, Singapore, Spain, France, Papua New Guinea or Australia.”

    So do I still need the statutory declaration? Where and how can I apply for it?

    [email protected]

    • Piccola Ying 21/01/2013   Reply →

      Hi Vivien,

      What you require is a Letter of Good Conduct, not a Statutory Declaration (SD). SD document used to suffice and could be done in a day but the requirements have changed and now you need a Letter of Good Conduct, which requires one month for it to be processed. To apply, follow the instructions on the website. You’ll need to fill out an online application, have it printed out and then lodge it in Putrajaya with the required documents. Similarly, you can also mail it to Putrajaya but I don’t quite trust the postal system.

      • theswindlerslist 21/01/2013   Reply →


        Yep I figured it out in the end. BTW you might want to know that they no longer accept physical document in person or by mail, the application for the letter has to be done only online now.

        • Piccola Ying 21/01/2013   Reply →

          Ah, really? What about the passport photos and photocopies of your passport? Are you also supposed to scan them and send them online? If that’s the case, perhaps it’s much easier for everyone. Putrajaya can be a hassle to get to.

          • theswindlerslist 21/01/2013  

            Would appear so.
            check out the link point number 10.

            Can I submit application for Certificate of Good Conduct using manual application form instead of doing it online?

            All application for Certificate of Good Conduct must be made online through e-Consular, beginning 1 January 2011.
            Manual application is no longer accepted.”

          • Piccola Ying 21/01/2013  

            Ah yes. You’d need to apply online but after submitting the application, you’re still required to print out the document and submit the other documents like passport photocopies and photos either via mail or in person.

          • theswindlerslist 21/01/2013  

            Oh yes yes you are right. I didn’t finish reading the fine prints in the confirmation they sent me. Thanks! You are awesome! It’s been a pleasure reading your blog!

          • Piccola Ying 21/01/2013  

            Cheers, Vivien! Good luck with your application! Thanks for reading my blog as well. Haven’t got time to update it since I’m now back on the road, travelling around France. 🙂

          • theswindlerslist 21/01/2013  

            Nice! You have to do the French Riviera! Train ride is a good option but the trains are so badly graffiti-fied especially the windows it kinda spoils the view a little. And Cannes is where all the nice french people are! Enjoy your trip! Post something about it!

          • Piccola Ying 21/01/2013  

            Haha! This is not my first time in France but definitely the first in French Rivieria, if you don’t count Monaco, that is. We did take a train from Paris to Antibes and it was rather enjoyable. Just finished Antibes and we car-shared with some strangers to get to the Grenoble (the Alps) last night. Harrowing ride indeed. Definitely will post up something soon.

  • Abby 06/02/2013   Reply →

    hi, from “WORK AND HOLIDAY VISA APPLICATION CHECKLIST”, there is an item “Certified copies of passport or travel documents (new and old showing any previous travels or visa grants”…Do this means that we need to photocopy whole passport instead of just front page?Thanks

    • Piccola Ying 06/02/2013   Reply →

      You can photocopy a few pages containing stamps or visas (it doesn’t have to be the whole passport) but more importantly, the front page of your passport. Cheers!

  • Kenji Cheow 08/02/2013   Reply →

    I have to say, this is the most detailed piece of article i read so far about applying for a working holiday visa in Australia. Definitely gives me a point on where to start.
    And also I happen to found your blog, is what I’d been looking for all this while, “A Malaysian Chinese Wanderer”, BRAVO!


    • Piccola Ying 10/02/2013   Reply →

      Thanks Kenji! Hope you’ll end up wandering a fair bit yourself! 🙂 Good luck with the application!

  • David Lau 13/02/2013   Reply →

    Hi Piccola, I am 42, still eligible to apply?

  • onetwothreefly 20/02/2013   Reply →

    Just wondering, when should we submit the bio-metrics and do chest x-ray examination? Can we do it on the next day aft we have applied the visa? (As in, apply on Monday, do check x-ray examination & submit bio-metrics on Tuesday) . Thanks 🙂

    • Piccola Ying 20/02/2013   Reply →

      You can do it anytime after you lodge your visa documents. However, your visa won’t be processed till you submit your medical examinations. So the faster you do it (after applying the visa), the faster you’ll get your visa! 🙂

  • Angelene Lim 22/02/2013   Reply →

    if i only finish my diploma and didn’t go for TOEFL or IELTS, is it eligible for me?

    • Piccola Ying 22/02/2013   Reply →

      TOEFL and IELTS are standard English tests that prove your English language ability for immigration purposes. They are not substitutes for a diploma or a degree.

  • Oxy 25/02/2013   Reply →

    Hi Piccola,
    May i know that working holiday izzit like one person can only apply once for different countries or only one country? Can malaysian get working holiday in canada? another question is not so relate to working holiday, but can u give some advice to me since you always travel coz am freshgraduate then wish to get the permanent job either in australia or new zealand which both country i never been before and i heard that asian is difficult to gt jobs there. And if i really want to get a aus or new zealand permanent job do i need to proof for IELTS? and do you know any website that offer jobs in those countries? thanks

    • Piccola Ying 25/02/2013   Reply →

      Hi there,

      Yes, you can apply for a Working Holiday visa for both Australia and New Zealand but you’re only allowed once for each country. No, there isn’t a WHV Canada for Malaysians. To get permanent jobs in both of the countries may be difficult if you don’t have professional experience or if you’ve never completed your studies there. Doing an IELTS test doesn’t mean you’re qualified for of the jobs offered–it’s just a standard test to prove your level of English. There are jobs in Australia advertised on, or but they probably prefer to hire Australian/NZ residents.

      • Oxy 11/03/2013   Reply →

        i have seen your previous replied saying that “one year working holiday visa (multiple entry) and you also have 1 year to enter the country”. Does it mean that after end of working holiday i still legal to enter australia for finding permanent job?

        piccola, since am planning go for working holiday if possible i wish to get a permanent job there but in current situation am not doing the IELTS. The problem is the employer in australia really care about whether i have IELTS?should i take before i go so that i qualified to get permanent job? can you please suggest?

        For th

        • Piccola Ying 11/03/2013   Reply →

          Hi Oxy, well, first of all, you need an IELTS test cert to prove that you have a certain level of English. It is important for the Immigration Office to decide whether to approve your visa or not. Unless, you have done a university degree entirely in English. In that case, you’d need your university admin to write a letter, to prove that that’s the case.

          When I mean you are granted 1 year of working holiday visa, it means you can get into Australia anytime within one year (after the visa’s approved). Meaning, if your visa is granted on the 31st July 2013, you’d have till 31st July 2014 to enter the country. Then, you have 1 year to STAY after your entry. That means, if you enter Australia on the 24 September 2013, you are allowed to stay a year from then on. Even if you were to leave Australia and to go back to Malaysia for 1 month, it still counts. So use your time wisely.

          Working Holiday Visas are not meant to be used to look for permanent jobs. It’s unlikely that an employer will take you on as a permanent staff unless you are very highly skilled. Chances are, you’ll go to Australia and get casual jobs-like waitressing, working in a hostel, housekeeping, temp office jobs, etc.

          Yes, if you are prudent with your salary, you’ll be able to save enough to pay off your debts. But bear in mind that rent, food and transportation can be expensive. If you cook daily, share a room with a friend or live in a house share, you’ll be able to minimize your costs effectively.

  • constance 28/02/2013   Reply →

    Hi there,

    I’m planning to do this either in australia or new zealand or US.. haven’t make my mind tho(if you can give some guidance perhaps). all friends of mine did this but through an agency (speedwing). i’m wondering izzit troublesome to do this all by myself (looking for employer, accommodation, etc)?


    • Piccola Ying 28/02/2013   Reply →

      I’m not sure what speedwing arranges for you but a Working Holiday Visa for Australia is a visa and not a program (ie: an au pair program). You can engage a migration agency to help you out with the visa but I’m not sure of their success rate. As for when you get there, it’ll be easier and cheaper for you to sort things out yourself than getting an agent to do it for you.

  • mich1811 04/03/2013   Reply →

    Hi Ying. Thanks so much for the guide. It has been extremely helpful 😉

    Well, I would appreciate if you would help clarify some matters…

    1. Assuming I apply on 1 July, can the whole application process (incl biometrics and medical check-up) be completed in a day? Do I need to return another day for any follow-up / collection of results etc?
    2. In the application forms, there are certain questions like:

    – “What type of employment do I seek” – would “casual/odd jobs” / “temporary office job” be sufficient? Do I need to be more specific / will they probe what my plans are?

    – “proposed travel date” – as it is difficult to pinpoint travel dates for now, am planning to put in random dates for now. Similarly, will they do any follow-up?

    – “health insurance”- I understand this is not mandatory but encouraged? Will it affect my application approval if I do not apply?

    • Piccola Ying 04/03/2013   Reply →

      Hi Michelle,

      1) I can’t confirm if the whole application process can be completed in a day because for those who applied for the visa in 2012, the servers broke down on the day and the Officers couldn’t give us the medical forms needed prior to the examination. Hence, we waited for about 2-3 days before receiving the medical forms in our email inbox. However, I managed to get the biometrics done on the same day of lodging of application.

      2) You could put hospitality casual jobs, farmwork or like you said, temporary office job could also work.

      3) Nah, no follow ups. Just put any dates you like(as long as it’s one month after the lodging date just to be safe).

      4) No, it won’t affect your application approval in anyway. After all, there isn’t a point in getting health insurance if your visa isn’t approved.

      Good luck!

  • Hazel 08/03/2013   Reply →

    Hi Piccola,

    It is me again….thanks for your reply last time.
    I have some new questions regarding the documents.

    We are asked to prepare these document before the lodging day.

    1) A Birth Certificate : Can my university certified this?

    2) A Government Letter of Good Conduct : I already have a letter of good conduct, but the passport number (old passport) printed on it is different from my current passport number. So is this letter of good conduct that i am having is use-able?

    4) Proof of English : I have an undue IELTS cert, do i need to photocopy it and get it certified? If yes, then can my uni certify for me?

    5) Bank Statements to show proof of funds : So i just need to show them, and no need to photocopy and get it certified? and if need to certify it, where can i get it certified?

    Sorry for bombing you with so many questions(again)…. =)


    • Piccola Ying 10/03/2013   Reply →

      Hi Hazel,

      First of all, your university has no official authority to certify any of your documents. You need a notary public or a commissioner for oaths to certify your documents. For commissioner for oaths, it’s probably RM3-5 for each page of certification. You can photocopy all your documents(IELTS cert, bank docs, birth cert, etc), and alongside with your originals, you can bring it to the Comm for Oaths to have them certified.

      I think you might need a new Letter of Good Conduct because it expires after a year. You can clarify this with the Immigration Officer of Australia by emailing them your questions.

      Hope that helps?

      Gd luck!

  • Oxy 11/03/2013   Reply →

    oh ya one more question, may i know working in australia can cover back all the previous expenses do you have money left when you when back to malaysia? coz in case i need pay back those money that i borrow from others. Thanks =]

  • Steve 14/03/2013   Reply →

    Hi Piccola,

    To have my documents certified, it should be either by notary public or a commissioner for oaths, some said it needs to be by notary public and not commissioner for oaths, is that true?
    May i know where you have all your documents certified? The location of the firms / office and the charge per page?


    • Piccola Ying 14/03/2013   Reply →

      That’s not true, Steve. You can have your docs certified by the Commissioner For Oaths because that was what I did. I managed to have mine certified in two places, one in Damansara Uptown (you can try: and the other in some tax building in Wangsa Maju. The Wangsa Maju one was cheaper, about RM4 for each page while the one in Uptown charged me about RM8 per page. A Notary Public would charge you about RM50.

      • Steve 16/03/2013   Reply →

        Thank you so much Piccola!

      • Ai Mei 15/04/2013   Reply →

        Can the docs be certified by lawyers? Getting very confused with Commissioner for oath and lawyers. Commissioner for oath are lawyers, are they?

        • Piccola Ying 15/04/2013   Reply →

          I’m not sure if lawyers have the power to certify any kind of documents. You’d probably need Commissioner for Oaths or Notary Publics (who are lawyers) but NP charges a lot more.

  • wendy 15/03/2013   Reply →

    hi piccolo ying,

    just wonder if i have my professional cert.,can i apply for the working holiday visa?and just wonder if i plan to go on next year 2014 june,when can i apply for the australia visa?

    • Piccola Ying 15/03/2013   Reply →

      I`m not sure what do you mean by a professional cert. If you plan to go to Australia next June, you`ll have to apply for the visa this year(1 July 2013).

      • wendy 15/03/2013   Reply →

        Professional certificate in marketing,and what document dat i need to prepare?

        • Piccola Ying 15/03/2013   Reply →

          I’m not sure. You can check with the Immigration Officer (by writing to them) to see if your professional certificate is valid. As for the rest of the documents that you need, please read the above post.

  • onetwothreefly 15/03/2013   Reply →

    i’m just wondering.. if I managed to apply for the visa.. and got it in july.. and i wish to go australia for a week in sept then come back to malaysia. after that only start my working holiday in dec… would it be possible?

    or once I got my visa approved, the moment i step into australia it’ll be counted as day 1 of my visa?

    • Piccola Ying 15/03/2013   Reply →

      Yeah, it starts the minute you step into the Australia. If you go in September, that means your visa starts from then on, regardless of how long you stay. If you intend to do what you suggested then you may be wasting a few months of your visa by going back to Malaysia.

  • wendy 15/03/2013   Reply →

    may i know if i need to do a body check up is after submit the visa application form or before submit the visa application form together?

    • Piccola Ying 15/03/2013   Reply →

      You only need to do the medical check up AFTER submitting your application. You’ll be advised of that on the day of lodgment.

  • wendy 16/03/2013   Reply →

    hi piccola

    if i study part time and that not a university jz the study centre am i still can ask them to write a letter for me?

  • Yeo 18/03/2013   Reply →

    Hi Piccolam

    may i ask you whether I am eligible for visa application with situation i described below?

    Here is my situation:
    I am currently taking the last two papers of ACCA qualification (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants), which is expected to be completed in June 2013. However, the result of examination will be released in August 2013 and I realize that approval of working and holiday visa is due on 1st working day of July 2013 (if possible). Therefore, I would like to ask whether CAT qualification (Certified Accounting Technician) or ACCA qualification (which is in the progress of completing) is eligible for the requirement of applying work and holiday visa.

    Note: I have studied in Sunway University College in Malaysia for more than two years and I am studying CAT and ACCA courses without taking degree cert.

    • Yeo 18/03/2013   Reply →

      Sorry for typing error
      Piccola Ying*

    • Piccola Ying 18/03/2013   Reply →

      Hi Yeo,

      Perhaps then, you can ask Sunway University College to provide you with the right documents to prove that you’ve completed to years of your course? That’s probably your best bet. Unfortunately, I’m not an Australian Immigration Officer so I can’t completely tell you for sure. You can definitely clarify your doubts with the High Comm by emailing them. Good luck!

      • Yeo 18/03/2013   Reply →

        Thank for your reply. If I have the document which can prove that I have completed two years of course, means I am eligible for applying this visa even though I have not finish my course yet? Equal chance of getting this visa compared to others?

        I did email to Help Desk Australia and he replied me:

        “Kindly note, the education requirements for working holiday is the applicant must have degree or above.”

        However, i am not clear whether ACCA qualification is in the list of Tertiary qualifications.

        Sorry if I am annoying you.

        • Piccola Ying 18/03/2013   Reply →

          Hi Yeo, don’t worry. You’re not annoying me but perhaps if you think that you qualify, you can give it a try? It’s really hard to tell you whether is ACCA considered a tertiary qualification. Perhaps it is?

      • Yeo 19/03/2013   Reply →

        Thank Piccola. I think I get the documents from uni and give it a try. Hope I am not paying for nothing =.= ( worried as money wasted if visa application failed.

        • Piccola Ying 19/03/2013   Reply →

          Hi Yeo, Yeah, it could be worth trying. I think if your documents aren’t valid, they’ll tell you on the day of lodgment itself. You won’t be required to pay anything should they find your application incomplete, invalid or something.

      • Yeo 19/03/2013   Reply →

        Oh really? I thought they will confiscate my visa money if my visa application is failed. Thank you for clarification.

    • Hi, hope you guys dont mind me reply here.

      Yeo, perhaps you can try emailing the relevant assessing accounting body in Aus to verify it?

      • Piccola Ying 19/03/2013   Reply →

        Great idea, Michelle! Yeah Yeo, perhaps what Michelle suggested would do the trick? Worth trying I bet.

      • Yeo 19/03/2013   Reply →

        I did email them but they replied me official answer which still can’t clarify my question about whether ACCA qualification (which is in the progress of completing) is included in which category of tertiary qualification. =(

        • Jess 02/07/2015   Reply →

          Hey Yeoh! Im from Sunway University College studying ACCA, and I’m attempted to apply for this Work and Holiday Visa too!
          Could you tell me how was the progress after that? As I would like to know whether ACCA is accepted for this Visa or not.

  • wendy 18/03/2013   Reply →

    Hi piccola,

    As my study centre said my professional diploma is undergraduate program is it clarify for me to apply?

  • Jay 25/03/2013   Reply →

    On the website, it is stated we can lodge the application at either the avac centre or the high commission. How would they determine the number of applicants if people went to both places on July 1st? Or am I missing something…

    • Piccola Ying 25/03/2013   Reply →

      Check the High Commission’s website again, a few days before 1st July to find out the exact location of the lodgment of application. It usually states a specific place: at the High Comm or AVAC. For the past few years, it’s always been at the High Comm.

  • eunice lum 27/03/2013   Reply →

    When should i do the biometri report? Before july or after the visa application being approved?

    • Piccola Ying 27/03/2013   Reply →

      After. You’d be told when you should do it.

      • eunice lum 28/03/2013   Reply →

        Thank you so much.I have checked the malaysian consular website and there is a notice that no more application for letter of good conduct via that website, and no people answer for the call too, should i go to the office directly?

        • Piccola Ying 28/03/2013   Reply →

          The Malaysian Consular’s website can be a bit misleading. You just have to fill up the online application, and once completed, print that document out and head over to Putrajaya with relevant documents so that you can lodge your application for letter of good conduct.

  • AU SU CHENG 27/03/2013   Reply →

    Hi Piccola,
    May I know what do you means our degree is teaching solely by English? If all of my main subjects are conducted in English, and there are some subject like BM,Sejarah teaching in BM. Is it my degree considered conducted solely in English?


    • Piccola Ying 27/03/2013   Reply →

      I guess then your degree is not conducted solely in English. You can double check it with your school’s admin.

  • osmosis 01/04/2013   Reply →

    Hi Piccola,
    My passport is going to expire on mid Nov this year. Do I need to renew my passport first or can I renew after get the visa (if I get it)?

    • osmosis 01/04/2013   Reply →

      Besides, how many days required for commission of oath to certify all the documents?

    • Piccola Ying 01/04/2013   Reply →

      To avoid hassle, I reckon you should just renew your passport first. After all, you can’t do much when you have less than 6 months on your passport.

      • osmosis 02/04/2013   Reply →

        Thx Piccola. How about the proof of English by university, it need to be certified by oaths also?

        • Piccola Ying 02/04/2013   Reply →

          Yes. Every document has to be certified by the Commissioner of Oaths.

  • SyafiqHanisIsmail 07/04/2013   Reply →

    Hi Piccola,
    First, I would like to thank you for your awesome blog! 🙂 I love reading your stories!You inspired me so much in enjoying what the world got to offer. Okay, straight to the questions.
    1. Which page(s) do i need to certified for the passport copy? I just renewed my passport, so its all clean and empty. So I guess only the details of me and the one with my signature?
    2. For the 2years of education, shall i certified the Statement of Academic Results?(contains all the subjects, grades, and how long) or only the degree certificate?
    3. For the bank statement, is there any time period for the certification of sufficient funds?(Such, it need to be certified 1 month before applying the visa) As i would like to settle things as early as possible.

    Thank you.

    • Piccola Ying 08/04/2013   Reply →

      Hi Shafiq,

      Thank YOU. I’m glad I could inspire. As for your questions…

      1) Yes, only your biodata page.
      2) You can do both. I did both because I wanted to prove that my subjects were conducted in English (though by right it should be since I studied in Australia) but yeah-I actually photocopied both and had them certified.
      3) No, I don’t think there’s any time period; but the more recent, the better. As in, they’d like to see that you have the funds, closer to the date of your application, rather than 4 months before the application.

      Cheers and good luck!

      • SyafiqHanisIsmail 08/04/2013   Reply →

        Thank you for the reply!
        I guess i shall certify the statement of academic then. Btw, just one more thing, for the bank statement, the bank itself already certified true copy for me. Do I still need the certification from the commissioner for oath?

        Thanks again!
        p/s its sYafiq, not sHafiq. (Its okay, I got it all the time) hahah 😉

        • Piccola Ying 08/04/2013   Reply →

          Sorry, Syafiq. My bad. It’s my compulsive desire to answer as quickly as possible but I obviously have neglected to call people by their right names. 🙂 Anyway, yes. All copies that were photocopied and certified by relevant authorities, STILL have to be certified by Commissioner For Oaths. Or at least, based on my personal experience anyway! Good luck! 🙂

      • SyafiqHanisIsmail 08/04/2013   Reply →

        hehe, Okay,alrigh then. Thank you! Will ask you more if i have a further question. Hope you dont mind as im one of those people who have sleepless night time to time just thinking about this freakin visa thing! all i want is to get it right! huhu
        thank again yea! 😉

  • onetwothreefly 08/04/2013   Reply →

    I have a bank book, do I photostat the page that shows the total amount and also the first page that has my details? Or do I have to request another official bank statement from bank? Thx

    • Piccola Ying 08/04/2013   Reply →

      Yes. You basically have to photocopy the part to prove that you have X amount of funds and that those funds belong to you, hence the first page with your details. Then you’ll need to get it certified by Comm. for Oaths.

  • osmosis 08/04/2013   Reply →

    Hi Piccola,
    My university has sent me the proof of English through email (scanned copy, in pdf format with lecturer signature). Do you think i can just print out the pdf file and ask Oaths to certify? Or is it better i request the original copy from university?
    Thank you.

    • Piccola Ying 08/04/2013   Reply →

      Well, I think a printed copy would suffice unless the Comm of Oaths that you go to is a stickler for original documents. But if you think that’s not good enough, you can always request for the original copy.

  • riddel 09/04/2013   Reply →

    hi there, i try to fill out the application of the government letter of good conduct. At the part to upload the passport size photo, I already edited my photo to passport size 3.5cm x 5 cm, and to jpeg and png format. but it pop out invalid format when I tried update. Can you give me some guidance for this problem? Thanks and hope to hear from you soon.

    • Piccola Ying 09/04/2013   Reply →

      You don’t have to upload your photo on the website. You’ll just have to provide the original photos when you submit your documents in person at Putrajaya. You’re meant to print out the online application, btw.

  • Ai Mei 11/04/2013   Reply →

    Hi Piccola,
    Just a question, I have a passport expiring next year Sept. A friend of mine whom has NZ PR told me it’s better to have passport renew first as the process of transferring visa from old passport to new passport is quite troublesome. Is it advisable to have it renew first before applying letter of good conduct/lodging application?
    Besides I have Commonwealth bank account (was a student there), would it be sufficient if I am able to provide the statement stating the optimum amount?

    • Piccola Ying 12/04/2013   Reply →

      Hi Ai Mei,

      Yes, I reckon it’ll be better to have your passport renewed first. It will definitely save you a lot of hassle. Besides, renewing your passport these days takes only about 45 minutes. If you have a Commonwealth Bank Account, try having your online bank statement printed out showing sufficient funds required. Then, get it certified.

  • Jacquelyn 12/04/2013   Reply →

    Hi Piccola,

    May I know how much did you spend from the preparation until you get the visa (visa fees, x-ray, IELTS, certified document, and any other hidden expenses). I would like to know about the job and accommodation you had too. How much pay you get for the job, and how much you pay for your accommodation? I would like to know the approximated total amount I will need to spend for this working holiday in Australia.

    Thank you. Wish to hear from you soon.

    • Piccola Ying 12/04/2013   Reply →

      Hmm. I think I’d spent about about than RM1200 for certification of documents, visa fees, x-ray, running around getting things done, etc. I didn’t need an IELTS test though. You’d also need to work out at least another RM1000 for flights to Australia. As for jobs, you can refer to the most recent post for details. Accommodation is probably the most expensive cost when you get to Australia. A bed in a hostel dorm could cost 25AUD or more while a small room in a flatshare may be at least 120-150 AUD per week (in Melbourne), depending where you’re staying. So let’s just say, you’d need at least RM2200 before getting to Australia and about RM6500 (2000 AUD) to start off with as a comfortable cushion, when you get there. I’m coming up with that approximate amount by factoring in the level of comfort that you’re familiar with. You can most definitely reduce the costs if you know how to rough it or are willing to CouchSurf, etc.

      • Jacquelyn 12/04/2013   Reply →

        Thanks a lot, Piccola. Your comments meant a lot to me. ^^

      • Jacquelyn 12/04/2013   Reply →

        May I know is it possible to get a homestay for us who going not as a student (work and holiday visa)? Will a homestay be cheaper than other accommodation?

        • Piccola Ying 12/04/2013   Reply →

          I’m not sure what kind of homestays are you suggesting? Do you mean homestay as a tourism activity or homestay as a student exchange program?

          • Jacquelyn 12/04/2013  

            Homestay as a tourism activity.

          • Piccola Ying 12/04/2013  

            They’re usually more expensive than a regular flat. Per night could cost about an average of 30 AUD.

          • Jacquelyn 12/04/2013  

            I see. Thank you.

  • jenny 21/04/2013   Reply →

    The certified copy of the university degree has to be done by university itself or get certified from Ministry of foreign affair Malaysia?

    • Piccola Ying 21/04/2013   Reply →

      It has to be certified by a Notary Public or Commissioner for Oaths.

  • Su Ann 21/04/2013   Reply →

    Wow! I didn’t know you have to stay overnight for the visa but thanks a lot!!

    • Piccola Ying 22/04/2013   Reply →

      Hi Su Ann, you do, if you really want to among the 100, for the visa.

  • Ann 22/04/2013   Reply →

    Hi there Piccola Ying,

    Thank you for going through the trouble and coming up with this blogpost. I have a question, you’ve mentioned that it would take 1-2 months for us to get the letter of good conduct but you managed to get the visa after 4 working days. Does that mean that you could travel to AUS after those 4 working days or did you have to wait for the 1-2 months for the letter of good conduct? Also, must all the application be taken on the 1st of July? Do you happen to know, when is the next intake of the applications? Again, i appreciate your effort here!


    • Piccola Ying 22/04/2013   Reply →

      Hi Ann, the letter of good conduct is needed for the application of the visa, hence you’d have to apply for the LOGC (Letter of Good Conduct) a month or two, prior to the visa application day. After the lodging of documents, you’d need another day to do your biometrics and medical checkup. After you have submitted every document possible needed for the visa, it would take up to 1 month for the visa to be processed. I was lucky enough to get it within 4 days, instead of a month. However, there are cases where people waited for at least 3 weeks before they had their visa approved.

      Yes, all the applications have to submitted in person at the Australian High Commission on the 1st of July. Good luck!

  • Jane 22/04/2013   Reply →

    Hi, thanks for this wonderful information. Can I know what time did you went to the VFS/AVAC to submit your biometrics? I heard my friend telling me some went at 2 or 3am to que at the entrance. Is this true? You went that earlier too?

    • Piccola Ying 22/04/2013   Reply →

      Hello Jane,
      Biometrics application and the lodging of the visa are two separate processes. You need to have lodged the visa at the Australian High Commission before being asked to submit your biometrics at the AVAC. You need to queue up to lodge the visa (as only 100 spots are allocated every year) but you can do your biometrics anytime after that. Read here to know what time you should queue up:

  • wh 23/04/2013   Reply →

    Hi Piccola! Thank you for this guide; it has been my go-to page since I started my journey to apply for this visa. And the rest of your blog is wonderful and inspirational as well 🙂 Now a fan of your gallivants on FB

    Just FYI, I emailed VFS Global and was told that a diploma level is not eligible, even if you’ve done at least two years in uni. Even if I were to ask my university for a letter that says that I’ve completed two years of study, my tertiary qualification will also be stated. Hence, my journey is done. Quite gutted, I must say. Have you had friends with diploma qualifications succeed in getting this visa?

    • Piccola Ying 23/04/2013   Reply →

      Hi Gianne,

      Sorry to hear that it didn’t quite work out for you. Perhaps you could email the Australian High Commission to verify this? After all, they did mention that they require two year of undergraduate studies, regardless if it was a degree or a diploma. No, I don’t know of anyone with diploma qualifications who have applied for this visa. Perhaps you’ll have a better response by posing this question on the Working Holiday Visa FB page.

      • wh 23/04/2013   Reply →

        Yep, that’s what I did. VFS is the Visa and Migration Service department linked from the local High Commission. I tried to clarify it further, but the person who replied to my email wasn’t helpful at all 🙁

    • Yeo 23/04/2013   Reply →

      Hi, hope you dont mind I posted here.
      i thought letter of two years of undergraduate study can be applicable for the education requirement by this visa? Isn’t it include two years of diploma as diploma is considered as undergraduate study?

      • Piccola Ying 23/04/2013   Reply →

        Well, looks like it isn’t, according to the eligibility rules that they posted up on the website. I just found out too.

  • Mei 24/04/2013   Reply →

    hi ying.. just to share with my experience today in submitting the documents for the certificate of good conduct… i’ve called the ministry of foreign department to confirm who could actually certified the copy, and they told me that they (the foreign minstry dpt) can help to certify. hence i went to putrajaya just now and the lady in the counter chop the documents for me and i took the number and went to submit my application with the RM 20 fee… hmmm.. perhaps those who’s applying and planning to submit in hand can do so?


    • Abby 24/04/2013   Reply →

      Can i know how much they charge you for the certification fees?including certification of birth cert?Thansk~

      • Piccola Ying 25/04/2013   Reply →

        I had mine certified for RM3 or 4 per page.

      • Abby 29/04/2013   Reply →

        I get my documents certified at Ministry of foreign affairs at Rm10/page…damn expensive~ T_T

        • Piccola Ying 29/04/2013   Reply →

          Oh, heh. Well, I guess thanks for sharing. I find C.O.Oaths the cheapest for certification. Prices usually range from RM3-RM8, depending where you go.

    • Piccola Ying 25/04/2013   Reply →

      Thanks Mei for sharing! 🙂

  • angelina 26/04/2013   Reply →

    Hai, as stated on top, need to do pre-lodgment 2 months before 1 July each year. May i know what is the procedure for the pre-lodgment ? Thanks

    • Piccola Ying 26/04/2013   Reply →

      Hi Angelina,

      The blog post IS about pre-lodgement so do read the whole thing to find out.

  • Riddel 29/04/2013   Reply →

    Hi, good day to you.
    For the AUD5000 evidence of funds, do we still need to show the bank statement at the customs? Also, do we need to get a return ticket as well? or one way should be fine? Thank you.

    • Piccola Ying 29/04/2013   Reply →

      Hi Riddel, No, you don’t need to show the bank statement to the customs. Once you have the visa, you don’t need anything else when you enter Australia. And no, you don’t need a return ticket. A one way’s fine, but do buy it after you get your visa.

  • Debra 30/04/2013   Reply →

    Hi Piccola,

    I have a degree from oz Uni so I just photocopy my cert is that enough or do I need to put in transcript as well? My Uni gave me like letter of completion of studies which states that it is done in English should I photocopy that as well? It is stated that have a letter of support from government how do I get the letter of support is the government letter of good conduct it? Awaiting your reply. Thank you.

    • Piccola Ying 30/04/2013   Reply →

      Probably the copies of your degree certificate and letter of completion would do. And if you read my blog post, you’ll find out how to get your letter of good conduct from the government. And yes–that is the supporting letter.

      • Debra 02/05/2013   Reply →

        Thank you for your reply.

    • hye! i’m just ask you few question?? would you ask me back?? please sending me in email. ([email protected]) about your experience work and holiday visas,,

  • Debra 06/05/2013   Reply →

    Hi Piccola,

    Where do I go to get the form for the letter ofgood conduct? I went to the and click on e-consular and click on certificate of good conduct and a form in English pop up and I fill that up and print it out but when I go to the office to submit the form they tell me it is the wrong form. Then where do I find the correct form? The sample form shown to me was in BM but the whole site is in English. Please help. I search the whole website and all leads to the same form that I have filled in.

    Hope to hear from you soon.


    • Piccola Ying 06/05/2013   Reply →

      When you went to the office, didn’t you ask the Officer what would be the right form if you’ve filled in the wrong form? You’re meant to go here: and then if you’re a first timer, you’re supposed to register first. Then, you can log into the website and fill in a form for Letter of Good Conduct. It’s probably 2 pages long. There’s probably a form for Statutory Declaration but that’s not the one you need. Good luck!

      • Debra 07/05/2013   Reply →

        Hi near mind bout that I figured it out was on the correct website was told will take 2 months to get letter of good conducts? I’m from Kuching. 2 months I won’t make it to 1 July working holiday visa. And another question I put higher education as my degree from Oz does that mean I made a mistake there? I already send in my application! Oh my!

        • Piccola Ying 07/05/2013   Reply →

          I think it’ll only take a month for it to be processed. However, if you don’t get your Letter of Good Conduct in time, apparently you can also use the receipt of application as a proof that you’ve applied for it. And as for what you’ve filled up, I wouldn’t worry too much about it. Chances are, they’re not going to come after you. Heh. 🙂

      • Yeo 08/05/2013   Reply →

        Hi Piccola, sorry for disturbing you. Can you further explain about this comment you said? Because I am confused about what you said=.= Do you mean that we still can apply even if letter of application is still under process?

        “I think it’ll only take a month for it to be processed. However, if you don’t get your Letter of Good Conduct in time, apparently you can also use the receipt of application as a proof that you’ve applied for it. And as for what you’ve filled up, I wouldn’t worry too much about it. Chances are, they’re not going to come after you”

        • Piccola Ying 08/05/2013   Reply →

          Yeo, what I meant was, if Debra has already filled up the application form for the Letter of Good Conduct wrongly or something, there is NOTHING she can do about it. She’ll just have to wait for the Letter of Good Conduct to be processed. And in 2012, many people didn’t have their Letter of Good Conduct in their hands when they lodge in the application for the Work Holiday visa on July 1st. That was because they applied for the Letter of Good Conduct, late. For that reason, the Immigration Officer had allowed applicants to show the receipt of the application of Letter of Good Conduct on July 1st, to show that they’ve applied for it. These applicants however, did need to submit the copy of Letter of Good Conduct once they’d received it…even if it was a later date. Does this make sense?

      • Yeo 08/05/2013   Reply →

        Oh, thank you very much. I understood. It helps me too =)
        My current situation is I sent my documents through post to ministry of foreign affairs but the status of application still shows ” Supporting Documents Have Not Been Received” after 1 week. I was worried if I am not able to receive the Letter of Good Conduct on time.

      • Debra 09/05/2013   Reply →

        Hi Piccola

        • Piccola Ying 11/05/2013   Reply →

          Nah. I don’t think it matters that much. And, I’m not sure how you applied for your LOGC. I went to Putrajaya person to hand in the application form. And then they printed a receipt of application for me. But if you’ve sent it via post, perhaps it’s the email that you’re talking about.

      • MK 11/07/2013   Reply →

        Hi Piccola and everyone else,
        I wanna clarify on the LOGC application, I have just applied it via the online system on I just have to filled up the form and print out the application acknowledgement, that’s all. And I did call to the Ministry of Foreign Affair, they said no need to provide supporting documents. Is that correct? Anybody facing the same issue out there? Thank you very much! 🙂

        • Piccola Ying 11/07/2013   Reply →

          Well, when I went to lodge my LOGC in Putrajaya, I had to provide photocopies of my passport and IC. Not sure if it changed this year.

  • Margaret 06/05/2013   Reply →

    Hi Piccola,

    Just wanna double check with you for the good conduct cert application, there’s a part where you need to fill in the higher education in Malaysia. I finished my high school in Msia then went oversea for my degree. Therefore, this part I should (as what I understand from the statement written there) fill in my high school information only, izzit? Thank you 🙂

    • Piccola Ying 06/05/2013   Reply →

      Yeah, perhaps. I think so. I actually don’t remember how I filled in the forms. But if you didn’t do a tertiary education in Malaysia, then you don’t have to put it in, I guess.

  • eunice lum 07/05/2013   Reply →

    They said that need to be translated in english version if the document is in malay version, do i need to translate my birth certificate to only english version if it is in both english and malay version?

  • Fish 13/05/2013   Reply →

    Sorry, for the proof of english, may i know how you get the official document from your university to state that you’ve duly completed your degree solely in English? How should I ask for it?

    • Piccola Ying 13/05/2013   Reply →

      Try your admin office?

      • hanmindot 05/06/2013   Reply →

        Hi Piccola, you said that we have to get official document from our Uni to proof our English , do we have another way ? Like, we write a letter about the proof of English and ask our head faculty to sign on it ?

      • hanmindot 05/06/2013   Reply →

        ok thx ^^
        I just found out , under my transcript stated “Language of Delivery and Assessment – English” and I completed my degree in Segi College , which means that i don’t need any official document that proof of my English already , am i right ?

        • Piccola Ying 05/06/2013   Reply →

          Perhaps you’re better off directing such questions to the VFS or Immigration Australia? After all, I’m not the one approving your visa…I reckon that could work but just to be safe, please clarify with the appropriate authority.

      • hanmindot 06/06/2013   Reply →

        ok i will , thank you for everything , wish you have a nice day ^^

  • Jay W 15/05/2013   Reply →

    Hello! Wanted to ask you bout the funds. Do I need to transfer the money to my Aussie bank account before arriving (after securing the visa)? Or maybe just a portion?
    I read that it is relatively easy to open a bank account in Aus and I can do that online two weeks prior to my arrival with Commonwealth Bank. What would be your advice or maybe you can share how you managed your funds when you just got there.

    Thanks a bunch!

    • Piccola Ying 15/05/2013   Reply →

      Hi Jay,
      No, you don’t have to. I arrived in Australia with some cash and a debit card from my usual bank. Then, I opened a bank account with Commonwealth Bank a few days later. I don’t know you can do it online, prior to your arrival. If you know how to get it done, that’s great. They normally need a residential address, a local phone number and your passport. If you want to open a savings account, you’d need a TFN number. But you need to get to Australia before applying for a TFN number. It’s for tax purposes.

      Once your account is opened, you can easily sort out your funds online. If you enquire with the bank, they’ll show you on. They’re quite efficient and all really friendly.

      • Jay W 15/05/2013   Reply →

        The speed at which you reply is amazing. thanks for the into 🙂

  • Jon 15/05/2013   Reply →

    Hi Piccola,

    Thank you for writing such extensive explanations into the process. I just couldn’t seem to find information like this from other websites.

    However as I read thru vfs website it seems to have imbued with an appointment system, which would start taking application from 22nd July this year. I’m really confused now, is it the 1st of July or 2nd?

    • Piccola Ying 15/05/2013   Reply →

      Good observation. It seems like they’ve changed the rules this year. Apparently the lodging of application begins on the 29th of July, but in order to do so, you’d need to book an appointment with VFS on the 22nd of July. Maybe this would make it easier and people no longer have to queue up a day before to get into the first 100.

  • eunice lum 16/05/2013   Reply →

    So the selection is based on the appointment but not the first come first serve?

    • Piccola Ying 16/05/2013   Reply →

      I think so. Instead of first come first serve in the queue, it’ll be first come first serve for the first 100 who will make an appointment on the 22nd July, for the lodging of document on the 29th July. That is great because then, you guys don’t have to lose sleep on the day before!

      • Debra 16/05/2013   Reply →

        Hi Piccola,

        I am from Kuching and is not familiar with KL so where VFS located in KL? And are you sure dont have to queue for the appointment what if go on the 22 July at 9am and they said sorry 100 people has already made appointment lol.

        • Piccola Ying 16/05/2013   Reply →

          No, Debra. You don’t queue up on the 22nd. You only make an appointment for the 29th. Please refer to the website that I linked to see how you can make that appointment.

      • Debra 17/05/2013   Reply →

        Ok thanks I’m a bit confuse it said make appointment on 22nd July so do we go there to make appointment (and have our biometics done i think cos said collect fingerprints and take pic) or we have to do it online and thru phone and then we have to go on 29 July again? So we have to fly there two times? Hmmm…

        • Piccola Ying 17/05/2013   Reply →

          No, Debra. The appointment is done over phone or email. But the lodgement requires you to go there in person to submit the documents IN PERSON, and to get your biometrics. That’s on the 29th. So you only have to fly once.

  • eunice lum 20/05/2013   Reply →

    So if i have made the appointment on 22nd, do i need to do the biometrics before 29th?

  • Jarvis Loo 02/06/2013   Reply →

    Hi Piccola,
    Thanks for your sharing, however I have a doubt, I did completed my undergraduate studies, but it was just three months in UK then I obtained the certificate. I previously done my advanced diploma in Malaysia and I went to UK for three months to get my BA, it’s kind of top up programs offered by my college and the Uni in UK, just wondering whether I still eligible for this working holiday visa? Since they require at least two years of undergraduate university study?

    Look forward to your reply.

    Thank You. 😉

    • Piccola Ying 05/06/2013   Reply →

      Hi Jarvis,

      Is it a degree program? It has to be a degree program to qualify.

  • wendykhoo85 02/06/2013   Reply →

    Hi piccola,
    I ‘m really confuse about the change of the lodge date. Is it that’s mean 1st of the July we don’t need to queue up outside the embassy to get the number?just send an email or call on 22nd to lodge the document?just need to clarify to not make any disappointment.

    • Connie 05/06/2013   Reply →

      Yes. No more queue up on 1st of July. Just make an appointment via the options given on 22nd july and lodge your documents on the 29th. Hope this helps.

    • Piccola Ying 05/06/2013   Reply →

      Please refer to Connie’s comment.

  • Tianne Chu 09/06/2013   Reply →

    Hi Piccola,
    Can I get the photocopy of mykard and passport certified by my university? Or I have to go to a specific place to get them certified? I am just about to start apply for letter of good conduct. It is a bit too late to discover your post. Good job! Wish i am not too late for this. Thank you anyway 🙂

    • Piccola Ying 09/06/2013   Reply →

      Hi Tianne, You’d need everything approved by the Commissioner for Oaths or a lawyer. You can search for either of them by googling them up. There are a few places in every district who have such legal services. Good luck!

  • hotienyai 11/06/2013   Reply →

    Hi Piccola, thanks for your effort for all this. Embarrassed to say, I’m 31 on the date of application (29th July), My DOB in on 28th July 1982. Am I still eligible for working holiday visa?

    • Piccola Ying 11/06/2013   Reply →

      Hmm, this one’s tricky. I don’t think you’re eligible since you’re not supposed to be 31 of age when you apply. But do check with Immigration Australia to clarify. Cheers!

      • hotienyai 11/06/2013   Reply →

        Thanks Piccola. They just replied me. It’s strict, anyone birth on 28th July 1982 or before is not eligible to apply. 🙁

  • yipi 11/06/2013   Reply →

    HI, i have a Malaysian Certificate of Good Conduct on 2011 , can i reuse or i need to apply a new one for application of WHV 2013?

  • Chan 11/06/2013   Reply →

    Hi, the above mention of pre-lodgment all need to certified and signature or just photocopy only. If need to certified go where certified it.

    • Piccola Ying 11/06/2013   Reply →

      Hmm, is this a question? All documents presented must be certified copies. And please google for a list of lawyers and Commissioner for Oaths to certify them.

      • Chan 11/06/2013   Reply →

        If the bank statement sign of official also need certified of lawyer. Then need the medical check-up report or after approve.

        • Piccola Ying 11/06/2013   Reply →

          Yes. Bank Statement too. Medical report after your application’s been accepted.

      • Chan 11/06/2013   Reply →

        Piccola, anyway thanks a lot of the information.

      • Chan 13/06/2013   Reply →

        Good day for you,
        If I have fixed deposit can attach it? If that FD is under my name and mother name can use it? Thanks.

  • Chan 14/06/2013   Reply →

    Good day for you.
    If I have fixed deposit can show it to the imigresen officer? If that FD is under my name and mother name can use it?

    • Piccola Ying 14/06/2013   Reply →

      I think so. As long as your name is on it. But better transfer your FD into your savings account so that it proves that you can access it?

      • IvanKCY 03/07/2013   Reply →

        Hi Piccola,

        Ivan here i would like to ask if i certified my bank statement by bank is it possible?


        • Piccola Ying 04/07/2013   Reply →

          It still has to be approved by Commissioner for Oaths or a notary public.

  • Jennis 16/06/2013   Reply →

    Hi, if my saving separate to two bank but total-up is RM15k is can show two statement or put together to one bank.
    example, Public bank RM10k, OCBC bank RM 5k
    Thanks a lot. (*¯︶¯*)

    • Piccola Ying 16/06/2013   Reply →

      Hi Jennis, I think you might be able to, as long as you have it under your name.

  • Jennis 16/06/2013   Reply →

    Hi Piccola, yup both bank is under my name but just separate to two bank if total-up also RM15k, if cant I will combine together.
    How about your opinions.

    • Piccola Ying 16/06/2013   Reply →

      Haha. I’m not sure about that. You can clarify with Immigration Australia?

  • Fairy 17/06/2013   Reply →

    hi piccolo ying,

    May I know izzit any panic free for work and travel in new Zealand? any document required?

  • Summer 17/06/2013   Reply →

    Hi Piccola, how long does it take for your letter of good conduct to be approved? Also, did you get your documents certified for that or you don’t need to? There’s a new statement on the Govt website that says statutory declaration is not applicable for applicants to Australia. Does that mean we no longer need it for the letter of good conduct application? Thanks.

    • Piccola Ying 17/06/2013   Reply →

      You do need the Letter of Good Conduct. It’s different from Statutory Declaration. As for the rest, please read the blog post. Answers are there.

  • Ong 18/06/2013   Reply →

    Hi piccola
    Do you have some post relate work and travel in new zealand? any documents need prepare? May i know to be successful get the part time job in new zealand izzit good to have IELTS?

  • Bee 25/06/2013   Reply →

    Hi Piccola~
    Thanks for your sharing,it is really helpful to me~
    I have some doubt here,do I need to prepare the biometrics and those body check before 29th of July?

    • Piccola Ying 25/06/2013   Reply →

      No. You only have to do it AFTER the lodgment of your application.

      • Bee 26/06/2013   Reply →

        Ok, thank you so much~~

  • Dianna 25/06/2013   Reply →

    Hi Piccola,

    I would like to clarify on something. Does the RM15k have to be in my account until everything is approve or once I had printed out my bank statement and have been certified by commission of oath, I can transfer those RM15k back to my family?

    The other question I had is that, I have to pay the fees upon my application with the VFS? Or I am only paying the fees once my application has been approved?

    • Piccola Ying 26/06/2013   Reply →

      Well, to be safe–it’s best to hold on to the 15K till your visa’s been approved. And as for the fees, it has to be paid on the lodgement day itself. Chances of having your visa rejected is rare (once you made your application) but if it’s rejected, it’s usually due to incomplete documents (which they will advise you on the day itself) or the medical check up results (which is done after the lodging). However, as I’ve mentioned, it’s rare.

      • Dianna 26/06/2013   Reply →

        Thank you very much for the useful info you had provided. 🙂

  • osmosis 01/07/2013   Reply →

    Hi Piccola,

    The Australia High Commission web site mention that we can make our appointment from 9am 22 July. Does it mean both phone or email appointment can be made only after 9am Malaysian time? Can one person make appointment via phone and email also? Just so curious..

    • Piccola Ying 01/07/2013   Reply →

      I’ve no idea. This is the first time the Aussie High Comm is doing this. I guess you only have to make an appointment once via your preferred way of communication.

  • Ivy 02/07/2013   Reply →

    Helo Piccola, just wondering the application fee is paid before lodgment of application or after? Thanks 🙂

  • onetwothreefly 03/07/2013   Reply →

    Hi Ying,

    Did you get your bank statement printed in the bank? I wonder if it’s ok for me to use photo copy of my bank book (certified as well, of course =D ). Thanks.

    • Piccola Ying 03/07/2013   Reply →

      I think it is, as long as your name’s on it. And that it’s certified! 🙂

  • eunice lum 09/07/2013   Reply →

    Did u ever translated any necessary documents before into english version?

  • eunice lum 09/07/2013   Reply →

    Just certified one copy is enough?

    • Piccola Ying 09/07/2013   Reply →

      Yes, one copy. And no, as I mentioned in my article, I DIDN’T TRANSLATE ANY DOCUMENTS INTO ENGLISH.

  • Dianna 09/07/2013   Reply →

    Hi Piccola,

    I want to enquire regarding the health insurance. What do they mean by they want a evidence of health insurance? Does it mean that I have to print my medical insurance cert as an evidence?

    • Piccola Ying 09/07/2013   Reply →

      Hi Dianna, did they specifically mention that they need an evidence of the medical insurance? Unless they’ve changed the application form, I think having a health insurance wasn’t really mandatory. It was merely encouraged.

      • Dianna 09/07/2013   Reply →

        Hi Piccola,

        I had downloaded a document checklist on what is needed for visa application from the immigration website and one of the document needed is “evidence of health insurance, if required”. So I wasn’t very sure what is an evidence of health insurance therefore I would like to seek advice from you.

        • Piccola Ying 09/07/2013   Reply →

          I think the checklist wasn’t really accurate, I think. Anyway, just fill up the application form first. If it’s required on the application form, then you can start working on it.

          • Dianna 09/07/2013  

            I see. Thank you very much for the info.

  • Jennis 10/07/2013   Reply →

    Hi piccola,

    I ‘m really confuse about the lodge date on 22nd July is just send an email or call to lodge the document or should directly go to there make an appoitment and that day is also pass all document to them?

    Beside this, the address on 22nd July also confuse is the appointment make at VFS Australia Visa Application Centre located at Suite 19.06, 19th Floor, Wisma MCA 163, Jalan Ampang? I’m correct.

    Thanks a lot your helping.

    • Piccola Ying 10/07/2013   Reply →

      I’m not sure where the confusion lies. The website clearly states that you have to either call or email them to make an appointment for your lodgement of documents.

      And why is the address confusing? If they state the address on the VFS’ website, then it should be accurate.

  • Dianna 16/07/2013   Reply →

    Hi Piccola,
    I hope you could kindly please assist me in filling up the Form 1208 in few sections as I have no idea what to fill in the blanks.
    1) Usual occupation (I have just graduated and not working currently. So I put there as student?)
    2) What type of employment do you intend to seek during your stay?
    3) Qualifications
    4) I had previously went to Australia with a tourist visa. Do I have to disclose that as well?

    • Dianna 19/07/2013   Reply →

      Hi Piccola,
      Sorry for the trouble, but I really hope you could kindly help me on the questions above as I had already prepared all the needed document except for the above questions. Thank you in advance. 🙂

      • Piccola Ying 19/07/2013   Reply →

        1) You can put unemployed? Or recent graduate 2) I’m not sure. What kind of employment are YOU seeking for? 3) I don’t know what kind of qualifications you have so I can’t answer you. What kind of qualifications do you have? 3) If they ask if you’ve been to australia before, then yeah, you should indicate so.

      • Dianna 19/07/2013   Reply →

        Hi Piccola,
        I have no idea what kind of employment they have in Perth for Working Holiday visa as previously I went to Sydney and this time I plan to go for Perth. Can you perhaps give me some idea on what kind of employment they have in Perth? As I knew from my friend is that fruit picking job is a lot in Perth but I do not intend to work as fruit pickers. Sorry for the trouble.

  • wendykhoo85 19/07/2013   Reply →

    Hi Ying,

    Can I go any where of the commission of oaths to do the certified?

  • Debra 22/07/2013   Reply →

    Hi, Today is D-day I called at 9am engaged can’t get through then kept calling cant get thru I emailed them I hope they got my email as scared if sudden surge of people emailing might not get thru (hope not fingers crossed). Tried calling again and again can’t get thru when I finally did get thru no one pick up the phone what the… Then I decided to try the online booking for appointment but guess was to late as it said no dates available for appointment. Argh…… So frigging sad I guess I didn’t get it. I don’t know. Feeling frustrated and lost.

    • Piccola Ying 22/07/2013   Reply →

      Hi Debra,

      Sorry that it didn’t quite work out. I thought it’d have been easier, making an appointment via a phone call or an email, instead of having to queue up outside the High Comm. Perhaps you could try again, next year? There’s also the NZ Working Holiday visa which you can apply. I believe it has a higher quota.

      • osmosis 22/07/2013   Reply →

        Hi Piccola,
        In fact, phone call and email didn’t work. I have tried to call them b4 9, most lines were busy, some called in but no answer. I conclude that online application is the only method even their server busy. Yup, I knew that NZ have higher quote which is 1000 compared with Aus 100. Maybe I should try for NZ next year Jan despite I still prefer Aus

        • Piccola Ying 22/07/2013   Reply →

          Hmm. That really sucks. Hopefully next year’s the methods of application will improve. And you can always travel Australia once you’re done with NZ’s Working Holiday visa.

    • osmosis 22/07/2013   Reply →

      Hi Debra,
      Same here. I started to call 9am and only manage to call in 10am. They told me all the appointment fully booked at 9:15am. I guess 9:10 already full for 100 applicants and another 5 minutes for those backup. They added almost all successful applicants applied online. I feel sad as I prepared for this since beginning of this year. What I can say is only the changing in application method this year confusing us. Feeling sad and no direction now..

      • June 22/07/2013   Reply →

        I have checked the “Australia Working Holiday for Malaysian’s” Facebook page and read some comments saying apparently there were 20 slots for people queuing physically in front of the embassy. This is so unfair that in the website it says strictly by appointment only but those 20 that went physically got the spot. Heartbreaking.

        • Piccola Ying 22/07/2013   Reply →

          Oh man. I can’t believe that they actually considered those 20 physical applications!!! It is definitely unfair for everyone else. :/

      • Connie 22/07/2013   Reply →

        Hey, I was actually there queueing up last night. To be honest, what I read on facebook was not true. I got a spot not because I queued up physically. Bunch of my friends helped me with the online method at home and I managed to secure one slot because of their help. Many who went to the centre, queued up all night did not get a spot (including me!) because the officers at the centre used the same online website to make the appointment for us. The website was crashed. Until 9:45am still no one could manage to secure an appointment there at the centre. And how is it possible they reserved 20 spots ONLY for the physicals? There were definitely more than that. I left at 10am.

      • Debra 23/07/2013   Reply →

        Hi Osmosis,

        I start preparing my documents in Apr all my stuff is done all prepared so upset and I can’t believe it that they accepted application for those who went physically there what the not fair as it said strictly phone or online application only. Stupid system!!

  • Debra 23/07/2013   Reply →

    Hi Connie, lucky you. What time did ur friend apply for u online? I wasn’t that lucky sigh… So sad all the preparation all for nothing. Sad and frustrated I don’t like this new system they shouldn’t say by calling if they are only going to accept online application they should be more specific. Geez!

    • June 23/07/2013   Reply →

      Hi Debra,

      I’m as heartbreaking as you too! I got my Letter of Good Conduct done on April and all other information done and verified by a Justice of Peace and I couldn’t secure my spot on the online application. I got crashed twice at the final stage of entering the time slot! My heart just sank when I found out the 100 spot was fully reserved around 9.30am as I have already quit my job and got a one way ticket to Sydney this coming August getting all prepared for this WH Visa.


      • Piccola Ying 23/07/2013   Reply →

        Ah, that’s a bummer. Though you shouldn’t have quit your job and got the one-way ticket before securing a spot. Hopefully you can change your ticket dates.

      • Debra 23/07/2013   Reply →

        Hi June,

        Sorry to hear that you didn’t get it too. Poor u! I feel for you. Oh you shouldn’t have quit ur job or bought tickets until it is confirm that u got the spot. I was lucky that I didn’t renew my passport I tot of doing so but my mum said no need to as it expires next year ask me to renew while in oz.

        Oh well good luck to us finding jobs. I finished my uni in apr and had been lazying around and was hoping to fly back to oz but since that plan didn’t work I need to get job now. Sad.

        • Piccola Ying 23/07/2013   Reply →

          Hey guys and girls, all I wanna say is don’t lose hope. Especially when you lot are all still young. The world is out there. Like some of you, I did my degree in Australia but after 3 years there, I was ready to bolt out of the country. I remember being very curious about the rest of the world instead. So I travelled and worked around the world till my heart’s content. It wasn’t till 7 years later and almost hitting 30, did I decide to do the Work Holiday visa in Australia.

          So don’t get disheartened. A lot of other travelling opportunities out there.

    • Connie 23/07/2013   Reply →

      Hi Debra, really sorry to hear that. I do feel bad for people who did not make it through. My friend successfully secured the spot for me at around 9:15am. While I was at the centre queueing up, the officers did came out and told us that we were supposed to make the appointment online or via phone calls. And from what I heard, most of the people who queued up overnight did not get a spot. I don’t like the new system too.

      • Debra 23/07/2013   Reply →

        Yea I tried the online application bit it crashed like 3 times and when finally submitted said no dates available for appointment and my heart just sank when I read that it was confirmed once I received email which said:

        Dear Mr/ Madam,

        Thank you for writing to us.


        THANK YOU.

  • Abby 23/07/2013   Reply →

    Hi abby here,i did success to call in twice(around 9-910am), but no body pick up~Luckily still manage to get the appointment on 925am,using internet booking.Thanks Piccola for the info sharing all the while..

    • Piccola Ying 23/07/2013   Reply →

      No worries, Abby. Glad I could help. Getting the visa sometimes can be a matter of life and death. Last year, getting it depended on effort while this year, it seems like it pretty much depended on luck! Maybe they might allocate more spots next year?

  • Meiz 23/07/2013   Reply →

    I had just called up VFS at Wisma MCA and they said I have to get my birth cert translated.

    • Piccola Ying 23/07/2013   Reply →

      So you got a spot? Well, I didn’t have to last year. I don’t think there’s a hard and fast rule in this.

      • Meiz 23/07/2013   Reply →

        Yeap. Managed to book a slot. Contrary to everyone’s comment, I do not find the system is unfair. I called up VFS to clarify the entire process. The officer actually advised me to best book online. Even if I call the centre/queue on the spot, they still book using the same system. The officer did mention the system would be extremely slow but still best to do it online. Anyway it was my friend who manage to book a slot when I was still trying real hard.

        Anyway I think it’s quite subjective. The checklist did not mention a translated birth cert. Or rather it says “Certified of copy of birth certificate”. Still pretty scare they would reject mine. So where did you translate yours?

      • Meiz 23/07/2013   Reply →

        Sorry I thought you did since you mentioned don’t waste money translating.

  • Wei 25/07/2013   Reply →

    I travelled to Sydney on March and still holding a valid Australia holiday visa. Will this affect my application for the working holiday visa?

  • Bee 26/07/2013   Reply →

    Hi Piccola,
    Just now I called to Australia Embassy to ask about the birth certificate things,that person in charge asked me to translate it to English,after that I rush to Mahkahmah Tinggi for translate it,then the officer told me that I should certified by notary republic,she saids commissioner for oaths can’t be used.Erm…is it true about it?because all my document had been certified by commissioner for oaths.

    • Piccola Ying 26/07/2013   Reply →

      Hi Bee,
      I’m not sure who you spoke to but judging from my personal experience, I neither translated my documents nor have my documents certified by the notary publics. I wrote to them last year and they said any Commissioner for Oaths are fine and that I didn’t have to get my birth cert translated. And I got my visa approved within 4 days. So I guess, if you spoke to the Australian Immigration Officers this year and they told you what to do, I guess you’ll just have to take their word for it.

      • Tan 26/07/2013   Reply →

        Did they ask you to provide evidence for return/one way ticket or fare to return during the application?

        • Piccola Ying 28/07/2013   Reply →

          No. They can’t. They don’t expect you to have bought the ticket before your visa is approved.

    • Tan 26/07/2013   Reply →

      I did mine at Malaysia Translation Association and endorsed by them. Freaking RM60! But as mentioned in the checklist, it says VFS recognize documents certified by notary public, commissioner of oath or lawyers. Although my translated birth cert is endorsed by them, I would still get it certified by lawyers/commissioner of oath. Anyway, it is best you call VFS to clarify. Been calling them since morning but no one is answering. geeez

    • Piccola Ying 26/07/2013   Reply →

      Here are the FAQs on the Australian High Comm’s website. It specifically mentioned that you could have a Comm for Oaths certifying your documents:

      • Bee 26/07/2013   Reply →

        Piccola,thanks for the reply~~

        • edmund Lee 26/07/2013   Reply →

          hihi, may i know how should we fill d travel insurance part in d form? must have one? same as the part it asks for a name address contact for a person u know in australia.. must fill?? thankss

          • Piccola Ying 28/07/2013  

            No, I said that I didn’t have insurance but I did have a name and contact in Australia. If you don’t have any, just put Not Applicable or something.

  • brien-t 27/07/2013   Reply →

    hi piccola,

    jus a quick question. i had done my certification on the docs from a commissioner of oath 2 days ago. but when i go thru the docs 2day. i notice a mistake, which is wherby the certification cop done by the COO is in BAHASA, not english. is this acceptable?? or do i have to do another certification done with english COP by the COO??

  • Jay W 08/08/2013   Reply →

    Hi peeps, Hi Piccola.

    I am one of the lucky 100 who secured a slot for the submission on 29th. I chose 1130am for my appointment and was there at 1030. In the end, i spent 5 hours just to complete the process. It was crazy… a lot of people did not have complete applications (missing documents etc.) and the lady working there was getting frustrated. Those who did not have all the docs wanted to ‘argue’ their case and this resulted in delays. I only got my docs verified around 1pm, waited almost 3 hours in line and was at the counter for only 2 mins. Then it was another round of waiting to pay (about an hour and a half) and another 30mins wait for biometrics. Even though I literally just sat there and waited most of the time, it was exhausting.

    I saw a few people getting turned away that day for not having all the required docs. There were some who lodged and paid anyway despite incomplete submissions. The lady said it was really unfair to those who have prepared everything but failed to secure a slot. I’m not sure whether those rejected applications will be open again to the public.

    Nevertheless, I am really thankful that I got my application submitted without problems as this was my last chance to apply for a work and holiday visa. I did my chest xray at Life Care in Bangsar for RM110 and is now waiting for confirmation of the visa.

    • Piccola Ying 08/08/2013   Reply →

      Thanks for sharing, Jay! That was pretty much what happened the last time I lodged my application except there wasn’t much of a havoc. I also had everything done on the day itself except for the medical check-up which was only issued a few days later. I suppose you’d probably get your visa real soon, within these few days.But congratulations for making it! I can’t believe after all the information shared and insights learned, these people still have incomplete documents and dare to ‘argue’ their case. How unbelievable! I think the UK WHV had a better system. Everyone who wants to apply have to attend an interview and from there, Officers could judge for themselves if the candidates were legit or not. There were no mess, no hassle and no one would have dared argued with the High Comm Officers.

      • MK 08/08/2013   Reply →

        Hi guys.. first of all thanks alot Piccola for your awesome info here.. finally I am able to secure the appointment and went thru the medical check up already, now waiting for the visa approval.. hopefully everything goes smooth.. finger crossed.. haha.. and I have created a small group on facebook with some of the applicants that day to share our update and info on aussie whv and trips.. whoever interested to join us, can add me on FB: [email protected] and thanks again everyone here sharing all the useful info of whv application =)

        • Piccola Ying 08/08/2013   Reply →

          Well, congrats MK! I hope you guys will continue to support and help each other out in organising the next few steps…meanwhile, enjoy Oz on my behalf!

          • MK 08/08/2013  

            Thankiu very much Piccola! I also suggested your blog in our FB group, as your info here as well as your aussie working experience, really very much helpful to all whv newbies.. haha.. and wish you all the best in life ^^

          • Piccola Ying 22/09/2013  

            Thanks MK! You’re too kind!

    • Kian Wee Tan 22/09/2013   Reply →

      Hi Jay W,

      Thanks for posting that day for submission’s updates 🙂 if you did not post, i might not be know the truth in behind. I was queued up with Connie and 20 ++ people on 22th July 2013 at Wisma MCA, Due to Connie have her friends helped to online secured a slot and she left before me.

      Perhaps that we have about 20 people are in waiting list and i was the 13rd. I received a call from Australia High Commission at 9am on 19th September 2013, Thursday. The officer asked me whether am i still interested to logde application. I answered “of course” and i was shocked while having my breakfast after jogging… At first i thought i have no chance anymore, and i did not go for certify my IELTS, take my letter of good conduct…and even not fill up the application form and etc… at the same date, i rushed and double check for everything, went to VFS at around 1:30pm… I done my submission with biometrics around 3pm.

      On 20th September 2013, the second day, I received the call from Australia High Commission, regarding they will charge my credit card for payment of AUD420. I am still waiting my visa to be grant… Finger crossed… wish to get the result by next week.. so that, i could get my flight to Australia around October 2013.

      Here to post my sharing to someone follow this blog, thanks Piccola and wish the people who queue up with me could get the Visa too 🙂 Good luck.

      Appreciate someone could let me know that does it mean you will definitely get the visa after the payment?

      • Piccola Ying 22/09/2013   Reply →

        Hi Kian Wee,

        Wow-congrats! Well, usually they’d grant you the visa as long as you fulfil all the requirements and secured a spot for the application! They don’t usually take the payment unless they know that they could grant you the visa…

  • Patrick 07/09/2013   Reply →

    Hi may I know s.p.m can approve working holiday visa ?

    • Piccola Ying 18/09/2013   Reply →

      Nope. You need a Bachelor’s Degree

      • Aloysius 17/01/2020   Reply →

        Hi Piccola Ying,

        Its aloysius here, how you doing? So like what if I had already finished my 2yrs diploma in Australia before and then am I eligible to apply for this visa as well? But I’m already back in Malaysia last year March till now , hence can I asked my previous college to write me an offer letter instead as I’ve already done 2yrs undergraduate course if that’s make sense? Thank you so much for your time!

        Best regards,

  • RS 03/10/2013   Reply →

    Hey Piccola, I’m one of those people who went to uni and completed 2 years of undergrad study before…..completion. It was in the US, I have a cert of enrollment that shows I was definitely in that uni for 2 years. I tried asking AVAC if my cert would count as the doc required for applying but they would not answer it directly. Perhaps you may have met someone who was in a similar situation? Very grateful for any advice that you can provide.

    If you like I’d be more than happy to show you a snippet of my document via e-mail.

    • Piccola Ying 03/10/2013   Reply →

      Hi Richie,

      I haven’t met anyone who shares the same issue with you but I’d say, why not? If you think you fulfill the conditions of the visa and could prove it, I don’t think they’ll turn you down. No harm done. Either you get it, or you don’t. You’ll find out I guess. 🙂

      • RS 03/10/2013   Reply →

        Thanks for the words of encouragement 🙂 Guess I’ll find out heh

        • Piccola Ying 03/10/2013   Reply →

          Yeah. Don’t let yourself be bogged down with ‘what if’s’ and ‘if only’s later… 🙂

    • SE 04/10/2013   Reply →

      Hi RS, I’m not sure if my situation is the same as yours. I completed 2 years bachelor degree before completion. When I submit this year application I was also not sure if I’m eligible or not. But since I’m already turning age 30, so I just go for it. I requested a letter from my Uni to show that I completed 2 years in my bachelor degree. They approved my application in the end! I actually wanted to apply 3 years ago, but was too afraid. Anyway, I still consider myself lucky.

      BTW, thank you very much Piccola for your very much effort putting this blog with all the information that I need to apply for this working holiday. Good luck to you both 🙂

      • RS 05/10/2013   Reply →

        Hey SE that’s encouraging to know, glad you decided to take a final shot at it and congrats!! Would you mind to have a look at the current document that I have? I wanna know if you handed in something similar, at least that way I can boost my confidence for next year 😛 I’ll provide you with my email add if you’re willing.

  • Becky 03/10/2013   Reply →

    Hello Piccola,

    Thanks for your information. I have an inquiry about certifying document process. If I have my education cert certified by Uni, do I have to re-certified by Commissioner for Oaths? I’m planning to apply the visa now, do I have to wait for next year July 2014? as I’m aware of their yearly quotas of 100 applicants.

    • Piccola Ying 03/10/2013   Reply →

      Hi Becky, Yes you do. All the documents that you have must be certified by the Commissioner for Oaths.

      • Becky 03/10/2013   Reply →

        Alright, do they still accept applicant now? or only if there’s any slot of their quotas for this year?

        • Piccola Ying 03/10/2013   Reply →

          No, I think it’s over. You need to apply it on the very date stated on the high commission or VFS website. I think it’s closed now. It’ll start again next year in July..but I’m not sure which date. You’ll have to check those websites for updates.

  • Travel Buddy 08/10/2013   Reply →

    These are nice tips, very insightful I’m sure it will be lot of help to those interested Malaysians.

  • CY 10/01/2014   Reply →

    Hi, does it mean that you can only apply in July? I was thinking of starting my travel this april. Need your advice. Thanks!

    • Piccola Ying 10/01/2014   Reply →

      Yes. Only on a very specific date, in July. Usually the 1st of July.

  • Teh Chye Huat 18/01/2014   Reply →

    Hold tertiary qualifications, or have
    successfully completed at least 2 years of
    undergraduate university study.
    Tertiary qualifications include a:
    • Doctoral degree;
    • Masters degree;
    • Graduate diploma;
    • Graduate certificate;
    • Bachelor degree;
    • Associate degree.
    Note: Tertiary qualifications do not include:
    • Advanced diploma;
    • Diploma level qualifications;
    • Certificate IV;
    • Certificate III;
    • Certificate II;
    • Certificate I;
    • Senior Secondary Certificate of Education.


    • Piccola Ying 12/02/2014   Reply →

      I guess that kind of answered your question? It says it doesn’t include diploma qualifications…

  • osmosis 25/01/2014   Reply →

    Hi Piccola,
    If i only want to transfer flight in Australia (e.g.: take AirAsia from KUL to Adelaide n then take Jetstar from Adelaide to New Zealand), will the visa be activated? TQ

    • Piccola Ying 25/01/2014   Reply →

      I’m not sure actually. As long as you don’t leave the transit hall, perhaps it won’t? But if it’s two separate airlines, you might actually have to get your bags and re-check in? You’ll have to enquire with the Officer about this..

  • Angeline Tan 21/02/2014   Reply →

    Hey Piccola,

    I’ve already gotten my Work & Holiday visa 🙂 Planning to head to Melbourne end of April this year. Just wanna ask, when I enter Australia, is it a mandatory requirement to show docs/money that i have “sufficient funds” i.e. AU$5,000 and above? Will the Australian immigration officer clarify & check every working holiday visa holders for that? Cuz i’m gonna be funding the trip all by myself, w/o any “sponsors” from my parents ( sad, i know >.< haha ) and i'm not sure if i'll be able to save up to AUD5000, minus flight tix & whatnot. I'm of course planning to buy a return way flight for sure to proof that i'll not 'jump the plane' haha. So yeah, i'm really worried about that :< any idea? 🙂

    • Piccola Ying 21/02/2014   Reply →

      Hi Angeline, Congrats! No, they didn’t ask me to produce any sort of documents when I entered Australia. They just asked where I’d be staying and that was about it. I didn’t even have a return flight ticket. They understand that you won’t know of your plans within a year’s time. Have fun! As long as you have the visa and could answer their questions, it’ll be fine! 🙂 Good luck!

      • Angeline Tan 21/02/2014   Reply →

        Ahhh thank you! The speed of your reply is impeccable haha. :] yes, i should just be excited about going but here i am, over-thinking & worrying unnecessarily ….. -_- anyw, thank you for replying, Piccola! Have a good day :):)

        • Piccola Ying 21/02/2014   Reply →

          You’re very welcomed, Angeline! I do try my best. I know that doubts can be frustrating and it’s my pleasure to help ease that a little. Enjoy Melbourne! 🙂 You have a good day too!

  • Becks 26/02/2014   Reply →

    Hello Piccola,
    I have recently received letter of good of conduct from the government. However, the date stated on top of my certificate refer as Oct 2013, due to application was done on last year. Do they accept it for 2014 application? or I need to reapplied for the current good of conduct cert which reflect year 2014. Thank you

    • Piccola Ying 28/02/2014   Reply →

      Hi…I think the letter of good conduct lasts for a year. I reckon you could still use it though it’s best to ask vfs.

      • Mynah Krishnan 03/03/2014   Reply →

        Hi Piccola,
        I have recently graduated from australian university with bachelor degree. Since I havent done my IELTS, i have to get my working visa in order to go back to the Australia to continue my job training.
        My question is I have done my AFP check and also done the medicals in Australia, do you think getting the working visa from Malaysia would be hard? I have residential address in Cairns(bills under my name). When I look thru the information, it is stated that only 100 visas been granted per year. There is an agent in Australia said he can help me out with the application. Do you think using australian agent for applying this visa while I am in Malaysia would be helpful?
        I have applied for Malaysian Police check but havent got the results yet, apparently it will take 6 weeks to get the results. I am in a serious need to go back to australia. What would your suggestion for me?
        I cant understand the letter of approval from our government. Could you please explain?
        Thank you heaps

        • Piccola Ying 03/03/2014   Reply →


          Well, the working holiday visa only applies if you’re going there to work and travel. If you just want to work in Australia, then you need to get a working visa which is different entirely. Or under an other kinds of visas that allow you to do so. Also, the visa only allows you to work for 6 months per company. The agent unfortunately can’t really help you secure a visa as they probably won’t be there fast enough to help you do so. It’s all about timing.

  • Mynah Krishnan 03/03/2014   Reply →

    alright, its just like for temporary purpose till I get my IELTS done to apply for graduate visa. I been to a wrong agent and they didnt do anything until I have no option than to leave the country now and must be back to Malaysia. I hope the moment I left Cairns the agent can apply for my visa. I prefer to apply by myself lets see what they can do, agents in australia are so costly =(

    • Piccola Ying 03/03/2014   Reply →

      Yes. Its always easier and more efficient to get it done yourself.

    • gary 13/03/2014   Reply →

      If you can apply for the graduate visa, why would you apply for the WHV? why not give other people a chance? instead of trying to take up 1/100 of the visa available.

      Furthermore if you had study in Australia for at least 2 years, you would be eligible to apply for the graduate visa. The only thing you need to wait is for them to allocate a case agent to you.

      Please don’t be selfish and give other’s a chance.

      On the side note,
      Thank you Piccola, your website has been very insightful and has helped me to obtain my WHV last year.

      Kind Regards,

      • Piccola Ying 13/03/2014   Reply →

        First of all, Gary, I didn’t apply for a Working Holiday visa so that I could get a ‘graduate job’. This visa is meant for travellers who wish to explore Australia and the work done is supposed to fund their travels. Which was what I did. Secondly, I graduated in 2005. I believe a graduate visa only applies if you apply for it right after you graduate. And the irony, Gary, before you call me selfish is that I don’t think a ‘graduate visa’ existed when I was still studying in Australia. And I’m glad that my information had helped you obtain your WHV. Why didn’t you do a graduate visa then?

  • Maria 02/05/2014   Reply →

    Hi Piccola, I am Maria Bernadette from Malaysia. I’ve got certain questions with regards to the visa mentioned. Would it be possible for me to PM you via email. Here’s my email add : [email protected]

  • Joyee 17/05/2014   Reply →

    Hi…I’m holding a degree cert from Utar and had taken MUET before…do I still need get a letter to proof my English to apply the working holiday visa??The application start soon, I scare I hv no enough time to get the IELTS test already..

    • Piccola Ying 19/05/2014   Reply →

      If you could prove that your degree was done in English, then you don’t have to take the IELTS. Unfortunately, having a MUET doesn’t qualify.

      • Joyee 21/05/2014   Reply →

        Thanks for ur reply…but I decide to take IELTS coz my friend advice me to take it for safe…Hope I can get 1 seat in this coming July.

    • Piccola Ying 21/05/2014   Reply →

      Good luck Joyee!

  • chinsanakasharon 21/05/2014   Reply →

    it’s only open 100 seats per year???

  • chinsanakasharon 21/05/2014   Reply →

    I haven’t get any document prepared, omg, from your experience, do you think i manage to get all the doc prepared by July?

  • Calista 25/05/2014   Reply →

    Hi Ying, would like to ask that I graduated in private uni and took for america degree program but i study in malaysia . Do i still need to ask for prove of study in english letter?

    • Piccola Ying 26/05/2014   Reply →

      Maybe you can submit your subjects list to prove that it was done in English

  • Darius Lim 29/05/2014   Reply →


    Its 30th of May, if I start my process now, I afraid that the certified thingy which takes up 1 to 2 months unable to complete. And also for IELTS test, once completed is it allowed to get the result immediately?

    Thank you.

    • Piccola Ying 03/06/2014   Reply →

      Well, it’d take 3 weeks or so to get the Letter of Good Conduct. As for the IELTS, I’m not sure since I’ve never taken it. I did my university degree in Australia. So please do enquire with the IELTS examination centre to have a rough idea when you can get the results.

  • Yasyka 03/06/2014   Reply →

    1st of all, TQ for your time and effort for posting this! Its really helpful. The only matter im worried about is the letter of good conduct which i just submitted today. i hope they’ll get back to me asap. May I ask how long did you get yours?

    • Piccola Ying 03/06/2014   Reply →

      I got it within a few weeks. It should be relatively easy. Good luck!

  • wei yen 03/06/2014   Reply →

    hi piccola, thanks a lot for your guidance and I have prepared almost all the docs needed. Just that I need some clarification. Do I need to get my bank statement account certified? thanks

    • Piccola Ying 04/06/2014   Reply →

      Hi wei yen, you’re very welcome. Good that you have most things done. Yes, you do need your bank account certified. You do it by printing out a copy of the statement and then getting a commissioner for oaths or nortary public to certify it..

  • Jen 04/06/2014   Reply →

    Hi Ying, Thanks for your posting. It’s very helpful.
    When I check at the checklist, under Necessary Visa Application Requirement, we have to provide “CERTIFIED copy of passport incl used pages”. Must we provide this?

    • Piccola Ying 04/06/2014   Reply →

      I did. I just photocopied the passport with some used pages and got the commissioner for oaths to certify it… Hope that helps. .jen!

  • ann 06/06/2014   Reply →

    I have a question on the degree thingy. I graduated in advance diploma in Malaysia, then I had my degree in UK that only lasted me for 9 months only. It says have to be 2 years degree. So, what should I do. Please help.

    • Piccola Ying 06/06/2014   Reply →

      I think as long as you have a degree it’s good enough. The reason why you have a degree from uk is because you’ve obtained an advance dip before. You’d never be able to get a degree in 9 months. ..obviously.

  • Sheena 24/07/2014   Reply →

    Hi.. I’m worry about birth certificate are in Malay version. Really no need translate to English for application visa?
    Thank you.

  • Chyi Yun 24/07/2014   Reply →

    Hey, may I get ur email address, have some question need to ask about, thanks

  • Mel 28/07/2014   Reply →

    Hi Piccola,

    Was dropping by your blog. Am wondering does the VISA application to Australia open in July only? (coz if yes, that means I have just missed it!)

    Secondly, i am currently still paying back my PTPTN loan. Will it affect my VISA application?

    Appreciate your time and effort in this!


    • Piccola Ying 30/07/2014   Reply →

      No, in fact now it’s in August! Please check out the Australian High Comm website for the latest updated details.

  • Tine 02/08/2014   Reply →

    bummer! just read your blog just now and i think i will miss this year’s application 😡

    nothing has been prepared so far! guess i will apply another time then.

    thanks a lot for these information 🙂

    • Piccola Ying 14/08/2014   Reply →

      Yes. Next year then. Though every year, the rules might change slightly so please check the aussie high comm’s website for the latest info

  • Henry Ang 05/08/2014   Reply →

    Sad… I failed to make appointment for this year work and holiday Aus. To certify the document from the notary public is expensive, it cost RM25 per document.

  • Shin Yit 11/08/2014   Reply →

    Dear Ying:

    It’s really glad to see you share your experience in preparing all the documents here.
    I have 1 question,
    If the documents are signed by Legislative Assemblyman,
    Will it be considered as part of notary public.
    Please advise me.
    Thank you.

    • Piccola Ying 14/08/2014   Reply →

      If that he or she has the power to certify a document…i think that should be OK. Though I’m not sure if that’s considered by a notary public of course

  • Yen Woen 13/08/2014   Reply →

    Hi Piccola,
    Thanks to your blog and it was great for a reference for a first-timer like me. I would like to check with you. There is this question in the form1208″What type of employment do you intend to seek during your stay?” What do you fill when you apply last time? Cos I have no idea on this . Thank you so much.

  • osmosis 15/08/2014   Reply →

    Hi Piccola,
    If I do not have any relatives or friends in Australia, can I leave blank in the form 1208? Or is it a must?

  • Debbie 10/02/2015   Reply →

    Hi Ying,
    Because I saw that we need to pay for the visa then only lodge the documents? So mean if we couldn’t get a slot in lodging the documents, we will be wasted the fees of visa?
    And is it we need to make an appointment for lodging the documents? or just to queue up at the Australian High Commission in KL to get the slot?

    • Piccola Ying 10/02/2015   Reply →

      No, you’d probably need to get an appointment online. Provided that you have all your documents and a slot to lodge it, then I don’t see why the visa fees are wasted. They won’t make you pay if you don’t get an appointment or if you’re not eligible in someway. You’ll find out when you lodge it. Check the High Commission’s website for details. IT changes every year.

      • Debbie 11/02/2015   Reply →

        So mean that I must first get an appointment online. Then only go to the Australian High Commission in KL with the documents done and pay the fees? Or I have to pay it when I’m doing the appointment online?
        I’m really a bit confused. Sorry for asking the silly question.
        Thank you.

        • Piccola Ying 11/02/2015   Reply →

          You’ll pay in person after you get your appointment online.

          • Debbie 19/07/2015  

            Hi Ying,
            Sorry to disturb you again. What do you mean by official bank templates ? Is it just print out the page of the bank book which shows our money figures ? Or we need to ask the bank officer to issue us a bank statement about the figures of our bank acc ?

          • Piccola Ying 19/07/2015  

            I think both ways work…as long as those figures are printed next to your name. It should show that your account has this amount of money. And make sure they’re certifed by the bank and the Commissioner of Oaths

  • ping 24/03/2015   Reply →

    hi ying, can i ask that if i apply visa on 1st July, and wish to fly over Australia in Jan 2016, is that possible? then i can stay there till Jan 2017?

    • Piccola Ying 24/03/2015   Reply →

      Hi, Ping! Yes. You can go anytime you want and the one year-clock only starts when you enter the country.

  • Pauline 15/06/2015   Reply →

    hi, thanks for your information. However, I still have few questions to ask:
    1. the visa fees need to pay by online before lodging process or during the day of submitting documents?
    2. As you mentioned, the lodging process takes place on 1st working day of July. Is it means the lodging process will be held on 1st July for this year? May I know where I can check the exact date?
    3. Am I need to buy return flight tickets to australia before the lodgement?

    • Piccola Ying 15/06/2015   Reply →

      Hi… I think I’ve provided in the blog post about where you can check for the latest information. It defers every year. The visa fees will be paid after you’ve lodged your documents. And no, don’t buy any flight tickets before your visa had been approved

      • Pauline 15/06/2015   Reply →

        Thank you so much with the information. Helps me a lot. Thanks.

  • Pauline 17/06/2015   Reply →

    Hi, its me again. May I know am I need to make appointment before lodged my documents?

  • Claire 19/06/2015   Reply →

    Hi, I was wondering about their condition of not being approved on a working holiday visa before, does that apply if you have been on the New Zealand Working Holiday Visa ? Or is it just for the Australia only ? I’m a college student that’s going to graduate on next years October with a diploma, is it necessary to have degree and is the gce-o level english certificate I had in high school applicable ?

    • Piccola Ying 19/06/2015   Reply →

      Yes. It’s only applicable to Australia. Also yes, you’d need a degree or at least working towards a degree. And no, you’d have to do Toefl or Ielts or are currently in a degree Programm that is taught completely in English

  • ramadan 26/06/2015   Reply →

    Hi Ying, i heard the application for lodging the documents for this year is on august?i might be wrong,so i just wanna check with you..

    • Piccola Ying 26/06/2015   Reply →

      Hi there…I’m not sure. Haha, I’m not an agent, just a blogger. You should check with the official Australian High Commission website or the VHS Malaysia page. Good luck

  • Jess 02/07/2015   Reply →

    Oh my god it was too late to read this post, it is super useful!
    I only started to prepare my documents today, hope that this year application period will start as late as possible so that I am able to get all my documents done on time! LOL
    However, I just wanted to clarify with you that, is it ALL my documents can be certified by ONE Commissioner for Oaths? Or every documents need to certified by different bodies/ministries ??

    • Piccola Ying 02/07/2015   Reply →

      Hi jess, I’m not sure when the application date will start this year. Maybe in late September or October? You’ll have to check out the embassy’s website for latest info. Meanwhile, yes. One C.o.O is enough to certify all your documents. Good luck!

  • jassom 14/07/2015   Reply →

    how about my photo does it need to have my name printed behind?

    • Piccola Ying 14/07/2015   Reply →

      Hmm. Not sure. But it sure won’t hurt to have your name behind your photo

    • Jess 15/07/2015   Reply →

      I called VFS last time, they said no need to print the name behind, hand-written also can =)

  • tiau ming 18/07/2015   Reply →

    Hi Piccola, I have some question here and hope you may help me.

    1. I’m taking a degree course and Year 2 now. Can i apply working holiday visa by providing University’s offer letter?
    2. I have no IELTS or others English language certificate. I’m registered to exam on this coming October and can i pass up the IELTS cert after submit the application of visa? or any good suggestion to me?
    3. Good conduct letter also need to certified? or certain document only?
    4. An application of working holiday visa will open on 05 Aug, so how i grab the slot? really no idea, pls guide me.

    thank you. 🙂

    • Piccola Ying 18/07/2015   Reply →

      Hi Tiau Ming, I think your offer letter might work though if you’re only in Yr 2, how do you plan on finishing the uni before you travel to Aussie?

      I don’t think passing up the IELTS cert after the application of visa would be wise. You need the cert to qualify and not otherwise. Is your uni in English?

      Every copy of your documents must be certified…except for the original visa application forms.

      I’ve no idea how you can grab a slot since it changes every year. But if you have info that it’s opening on Aug 5, then maybe that site or person could tell you how.

  • tiau ming 19/07/2015   Reply →

    I’m going on next year May after complete intern.
    Yes, my study in English. Can i use the city & guilds English cert as a prove or any good suggestion?
    AU immigration mentioned slot release on 05 Aug but the appointment need to make at VFS Global? so means need to grab the slot at AUS immigration website then only make appointment with VFS? or just directly make appointment with VFS? Really Confuse 🙁

    • Piccola Ying 19/07/2015   Reply →

      Hi Tiau Ming, then you’ll need the university to write you an official letter stating that your studies are done in English. You may also use your transcripts to prove that.

      I guess every year is different. After reading VFS website, it seems that this year it might be going there in person to lodge the application yourself. Which means you have to get there real early. In my experience people start queuing up the night before so take note.

      I think it’s best for you to clarify with VFS by writing them an email, to find out further details.


    • Piccola Ying 19/07/2015   Reply →

      Sorry. It seems that I’ve read the wrong info on VFS. Please read this link for how you can lodge your application. I think it specifically tells you to get an appointment online via the VFS website. Which means at 9am on the 5th of August, you’ll need to go to that website and schedule an appointment. If you managed to do so, you’ll be able to lodge the application in person on the date of your allicated appointment.

  • Chiew 29/07/2015   Reply →

    Hi, I plan to apply both the Australia Work and Holiday Visa (Subclass 462) and New Zealand Working Holiday Scheme in Jan 2016.
    If I am successfully grab the slot and approved for Australia Work and Holiday Visa (Subclass 462), am I still eligible to qualify or to register for New Zealand Working Holiday Scheme in January 2016?
    Not sure whether are they link. Hope to hear from you soon.

    • Piccola Ying 29/07/2015   Reply →

      No, they’re not linked. You can definitely apply for both.

      • Chiew 29/07/2015   Reply →

        Thank for the prompt replied.
        I noticed that this year we have to make an appointment online via the Australian Visa Application Centre (VFS Global) website. Appointment slots will only be available from 9am on Wednesday 5 August 2015.
        Does this means that I do not need to go to Australian High Commission in KL along Jalan Yap Kwan Seng queue for whole night? So after successfully grab the appointment slot, I just need to go by personally to summit all the supporting documents and pay the fees?

  • Nini 05/08/2015   Reply →

    Hey, I just got my appointment make for the Australia working holiday visa. I have a question and i hope you can help me out with that 🙂
    Should I do the medical checkout before and send the report together when I go for application? Thanks and hope to hear from you soon. Good day!

    • Piccola Ying 05/08/2015   Reply →

      After. Lodge your documents and you’ll know what to do after.

      • Angel 11/08/2015   Reply →

        My bf went and submit his application yesterday. The funny thing is that they did not mention about the health check up and did not instructed further. Should we be concern?

        • Piccola Ying 11/08/2015   Reply →

          Didn’t they give you a paper for the xray? Perhaps you should call them to verify.

          • Angel 11/08/2015  

            Oh he manage to call them up. They said that they will inform during the waiting process via email.

          • Piccola Ying 11/08/2015  

            Oh good! 🙂

  • DY 05/08/2015   Reply →

    Phewww! I managed to secure an appt this morning! Yay, cant wait! I just wanna thank you for your valuable info on this post! Been following everything diligently and making sure i dont miss out anything ! 🙂 One lil thing tho, I would like to know what happens during the application submission at the VFS? Any chance for them to refuse my application if I have all the required documents in order?

    • Piccola Ying 05/08/2015   Reply →

      I don’t think so. I think if you’ve what they need, they’ve no reason to reject you. Provided you have all the documents.

  • Mere 06/08/2015   Reply →

    Hi Ying,
    Do I have to show 3 months of bank statement or only 1 latest statement?

  • Sherry chong 06/08/2015   Reply →

    Dear Piccola,

    Good day, I have read your article and found that I have fulfill most of the requirements. Yet there are some doubts need your help.

    1. I have not plan when I will go for the working holiday, can I apply the visa first?
    2. When is the opening for the application? Early of July? Now already mid of August, am I still eligible to apply?
    3. Once I got the visa, how to ensure I can have the job over there?

    Sorry for throwing so much questions.

    Looking forward for your reply.


    • DY 06/08/2015   Reply →

      1) You can leave for Aus anytime within the 1 year period you’re granted the visa. And you can apply when it opens. It’s usually opened in July or August every year. Be sure to check out the Aus high commissions website as it changes every year.
      2) the application was just opened yesterday and it has been quickly filled up. So you will have to wait until the following year unless there are any rejected application.
      3) jobs are aplenty in Aus, it depends on what roles you’re looking at. To know more about it, read hope this helps!

    • James Spooner 25/09/2015   Reply →

      I am glad that you made it! Did u translate your birth certificate?

      • James Spooner 25/09/2015   Reply →

        cuz the website says documents that are not in English should be accredited with English translation 🙁

        • DY 25/09/2015   Reply →

          Thanks! 🙂 Yes, i got my birthcert translated (just in case) and provided 3 months of bank statement from June-Aug.

          • James Spooner 26/09/2015  

            Thanks DY. To DY or Piccola, which is the website to wait before 9am? The Australian High Commision Malaysia website or the VFS website? And do they actually start opening it at around 8? I guess I need to go to cyber cafe with high speed internet to get an appointment since my internet at home is a bit retarded sometimes

          • Piccola Ying 27/09/2015  

            Hi James, do you know that this year’s slots have all been allocated and there won’t be any spaces till next year? Hence, we’ll only know more next year. The info changes every year.

          • James Spooner 27/09/2015  

            Hey thanks and of course I know that! Fortunately there will be another 8 slots to be opened on the 30th, next Wednesday, and I really wanna grab this opportunity. So which is the website to wait for this year? I just wanna make sure I get the chance. I can’t lose this lol

          • James Spooner 27/09/2015  

            Because this will be the second round of appointments, just wondering it’ll still be on VFS 🙂
            And any tips to ensure myself to get one of the 8 slots? Haha I’m paranoid!

          • Piccola Ying 27/09/2015  

            Ah if you’ve already have all this info at hand, then surely you know more than I do! It should still be at the VFS website…but do read the info on VFS to confirm! 🙂

          • James Spooner 27/09/2015  

            Thanks a lot! Well of course I really have to thank you cuz your blog is highly informative. I’m glad that they have a second round now and I still have chance! Thanks a lot Piccola!

          • Piccola Ying 27/09/2015  

            I’m happy for you! Good luck and I hope you’ll get it!

  • cy 16/08/2015   Reply →


    I noticed the character requirement that required us to provide a police clearance certificate or other evidence to satisfy the character requirements. May I know how can I get this certificate?

    • Piccola Ying 16/08/2015   Reply →

      You’ll have to apply online via the msian consular’s website. It’s called Certificate of good conduct. Please check out the post. I believe there’s a link there

  • Darren cy 27/08/2015   Reply →

    Hi Piccola,
    Can I ask what is the queue for since we have to make an online appointment to lodge our application? Or are we no longer have to queue for lodging the application starting this year?

    • Piccola Ying 27/08/2015   Reply →

      Hi Darren, please the latest updates on the top of my blog post. You no longer have to queue to get a slot.

      • lincoln 30/09/2015   Reply →

        it just reopen this morning for 8 seat, and i have take it one of the seat heheheehhee

        • Jimmy 19/10/2015   Reply →

          Hey Lincoln, just wondering how did u secure 1/8 slots on that day? Did u wait at the appointment system website before 8am? Did they actually open it at 9am or before 9am? Thanks in advance

  • tom 30/09/2015   Reply →

    Anyone has any recommendation for Commissioner of Oaths that charge below RM10 per page?
    I’ve approach a few of them but most of them told me that only Notary Public can certify true copy, which will cost atleast RM35 per page :'(
    Pls help…

    • Piccola Ying 30/09/2015   Reply →

      I went to one in Wangsa Maju…it’s in a building that deals with land taxes or so. It was RM4 per page. But that was few years ago

      • James Spooner 30/09/2015   Reply →

        I’ve found a good Commisioner of Oaths at Bandar Sri Permaisuri. Easy to acces and free parking too. U can use waze to navigate to JPJ permaisuri and the Pesuruhjaya Sumpah Tuan Haji’s office is on the 1st floor right next to 7-eleven. RM4 per page and he’s the nicest person on earth.

  • tom 01/10/2015   Reply →

    Thanks Piccola & James! I just went to the one at Bandar Sri Permaisuri as it is just 10mins drive from my house. Strongly recommended to future applicants or those who need to certify documents, as he did provide really good service and reasonable rate. This is the FB page of him:

  • KAREN 19/10/2015   Reply →

    Anyone has any recommendation of Commisioner of Oaths in Seremban?Vfs officer told me that birth certificate need translated to English. May I know where can I have my birth cert to be translated?thanks

    • Jimmy 19/10/2015   Reply →

      Well u need to find a certified translator to translate for u. Any certified one will do. Commisioner of oath can’t do that for u.

    • tom 19/10/2015   Reply →

      If you have time, I would advise you to get it translated at High Court.
      I was in a rush that time so I found a freelance certified translator and cost me heaps!
      RM120 :'(

  • Joel 06/11/2015   Reply →

    Is that slot for 2016 full already?

  • Joel 06/11/2015   Reply →

    so do I need to wait till 2017? because i do have a bachelor degree in interior design in aussie

    • Piccola Ying 06/11/2015   Reply →

      Most likely. You can keep yourself updated with the latest news on the Aus. High Comm website. Maybe there are still slots but usually by this time, it should be all taken up.

    • Jimmy 17/11/2015   Reply →

      Hey joel just to let you know that the 2015/2016 slot is full and you can only apply for the 2016/2017 slot because i was the 100th applicant for this year lol. Yea you will definitely qualified for it since you have a degree and it was taught in english. Make sure that you translate your birth cesrtificate if its not in English. The application for next year will be opened around the same time like this year and make sure you wake up early and start waiting for the appointments to be opened. Keep an eye on the Australian High Commision Malaysia website. Also a heads up for you, the website says it will be opened at 9am but you have to keep trying to get an appointment till at least 9.30am cuz you will be competing with other Malaysians for the 100 slots. If you have missed it don’t worry there’ll be a second round for sure. In fact I got mine from the third round appointment lol. Good luck!

      • Piccola Ying 17/11/2015   Reply →

        Thanks for the advice Jimmy! Looks like aspiring applicants should always check for updates just in case.

        • Jimmy 17/11/2015   Reply →

          No worries at all! Thanks to you and your blog too since it’s the only forum to find out more about the application of this visa. I totally got all the relevant info from here and I’m very thankful for this 🙂

      • Poh Choo 13/07/2016   Reply →

        Hi Jimmy,

        You got your slot in the third round? I have a friend who really wants to apply but unfortunately he missed the first round this year. You mentioned that there will be a second round – do we keep checking the High Comm website and see if they open up more slots? (probably after rejecting people, I assume)
        When were the slots opened during your time? You must be super duper lucky getting the 100th slot, cos to get the very last slot I assumed you had to compete with so many other people too right?

        Thank you!

  • Tay 11/11/2015   Reply →

    hey, just wanna ask if i hold a diploma level qualification, can i apply for this program?

    • Jimmy 17/11/2015   Reply →

      I think you can check with them, check on the website too. The minimum education requirement is 2 years worth of degree. Not so sure about diploma will work. You can always email them or even call them to confirm.

  • KAREN 18/01/2016   Reply →

    I go to high court to certified my birth cost me you guys think is reasonable ?

    • James Spoon 18/01/2016   Reply →


      Pls go to commissioners of oath for the endorsements! I only paid RM5 for each copy!
      I would recommend you to go to the one in Bandar Sri Permaisuri. There’s one Commisioner of oath named Tuan Haji Riduan, the office is above 7-eleven near JPJ office. You can use waze to go there. Public transport would be LRT Salak Selatan!
      Hope this help!

    • Deb 18/01/2016   Reply →

      If you’re around PJ area, u can get it done at Dsara Uptown (same row with HSBC) for RM5 each. With 50bucks, u can certify alot more docs..

  • KAREN 18/01/2016   Reply →

    Sorry.i mean translation of birth cert cost you think this is necessary to translate for birth cert to english.thanks for ur advice

  • Rachelle 21/05/2016   Reply →

    Hey! I’m interested in applying for whv to oz for 2016/2017. Does it necessary need to be 3 months bank statements, because the website only said to have sufficient fund of AUD4,000 and in additional to that, must be able to purchase the flight ticket out of oz. If I don’t have enough funds for that, does my credit card limit counts as the fund?

    • Piccola Ying 21/05/2016   Reply →

      Hi Rachelle, credit card funds don’t count as funds in hand. That’s why you need bank statements to evidence it. 3 months is probably a guideline.

  • Sao 30/05/2016   Reply →

    Hi, appreciate if you could advise to the following,

    1) Is Fixed deposit considered as proof of fund?
    2) Does photocopy of proof of fund need to be certified as well?
    3) I saw on the FAQ says that we can certified our documents with qualified lawyer. Is this true?
    4) If i am graduated from a University in UK, is the certificate sufficient as proof of English? Do i need to submit extra certificate to proof, such as secondary result?
    5) The new birth cert from JPN has English writing on it, do i still need to translate the birthcert?

    Thanks you in advance.

    • Piccola Ying 30/05/2016   Reply →

      I don’t think fixed deposits are proof of funds because you’ll need those funds to support your stay. Best if they’re in your savings or checking account. I think I certified everything. Not sure with qualified lawywers because they usually charge a bomb to certify docs. Why not just use Comm. Of Oaths? They’re everywhere. Yes your uni cert should suffice. I think the new birth cert should work.

      • Sao 30/05/2016   Reply →

        If qualified lawyer is acceptable then my lawyer friend could do it for me FOC.
        I normally put all my fund in FD for higher interest.
        Let say I transfer the fund to my saving and certified the statement June 2016. Can I still use this statement on Aug2016 when the application open? (assuming the opening is at Aug 2016)

        • Piccola Ying 30/05/2016   Reply →

          Yes, you probably can-as you might have to include your most recent bank statements (usually 3 months prior). I’m not sure about the qualified lawyer. As far as I know, you need either a Notary Public or a Commisioner For Oaths to certify documents for legal purposes. Perhaps you write to VFS or Australian High Comm to clarify.

        • Sao 30/05/2016   Reply →

          One more things. Do I need to include the full result transcript? Or the certificate itself is sufficient.

          • Piccola Ying 30/05/2016  

            I reckon just a certificate would work.

  • Poh Choo 17/06/2016   Reply →

    Hey Piccola,

    Which website did you check for the opening of visa application? Was it the VFS or Aus High Commission website? I checked the HC one and it wasn’t updated for the 2015-16 application, they were still in 2014-15 so I’m worried I might be checking the non-up-to-date website. I open the website every morning every day now to see if the 2016-17 one is open, is that what you did too? (Just wanna know if I’m checking it the “proper way” cos I’m always so paranoid about missing the deadline haha)

    Thank you!

    • Ying Tey 17/06/2016   Reply →

      Hi Poh Choo, the website usually updates the info a month before the application opens. I suggest checking it somewhere in July. Good luck!

    • Ying Tey 23/06/2016   Reply →

      Hi Poh Choo, did you check this link? This is the official website with latest details:

      • Poh Choo 23/06/2016   Reply →

        Hi Piccola,

        Yes thank you!! It’s online appointment this year, which makes it pretty difficult. Need to find the fastest Internet and fastest computer haha. Nevertheless, staying positive!

        Thank you again 🙂

  • Ameen 26/06/2016   Reply →


    I want to thank you for this post. It is indeed epic and has been really helpful in my effort in getting a work and holiday visa so far.
    I just want to ask you, for the Letter of Good Conduct, did you send a copy of that letter or did you send the original letter when lodging the application?

    Thank you!

    • Ying Tey 26/06/2016   Reply →

      Original and a copy. But in the end, they took the copy but you might have to also show them the original. 🙂

  • Kar Eik 03/07/2016   Reply →

    Hi. I have a question. I forget to print the acknowledgment of application for certificate of good conduct. But the status of certificate is ready for Collection. Is that okay if i just show the officer transaction code of my application for CGC.
    Thank you. 🙂

    • Ying Tey 03/07/2016   Reply →

      I think it’s best if you have the real certificate in hand. Don’t give the officer a reason to reject you. Besides it’s already ready, why not just collect it?

  • Charlene Chen 04/07/2016   Reply →

    Hi. Just want to confirm. I called the Notary Public in Wisma Pahlawan. They’re able to certify documents but at around RM20+ for a piece. When I check Commissioner of Oath website, I realized they’re not able to certify true copies.

    • Ying Tey 04/07/2016   Reply →

      Hi Charlene, maybe you should also call up the Commissioner For Oaths? Btw, there are many CFOs around. Call up one and see if they can do it for you. As far as I know, most of the other applicants and myself included, had our documents certified by CFOs.

      • Charlene Chen 04/07/2016   Reply →

        Alright, I’ll just ring one of the CFO. I called the Notary Public and they told me it’ll costs RM20-RM25 for a piece, which I think is quite expansive!
        I know you’ve been bombarded with so many questions but I hope you wouldn’t mind to clear some of mine:

        1. Is this the first time they are doing the online appointment? I just want to know like how far is the gap between securing the appointment and going physically to submit the application documents. This is because I might buy some time to get some of the documents ready, yet at the same time I’ll be out of country in the middle of August. I really hope the timing is right!
        2. A bit confuse on the payment of visa.; do I only pay when I pass the documents or I need the proof of payment already when I pass the documents?
        3. I myself is worried on the proof of English as I studied in one of the public uni in Malaysia. I guess MUET or O levels doesn’t count (more than 12 months?). I did ask my uni to prepare a letter and at the same time I’ll try using my ACCA qualification for that. Do you think I still stand a chance?

        Thanks so much for spending time answering our queries even though you’ve went for WHP few years back! Truly appreciate =)

        • Ying Tey 04/07/2016   Reply →

          Hi Charlene, no this is not the first year that they’re doing it online. I believe they started after my year. You’ll have to check the rest of the comments in this section to find your answers because I’ve never done it myself, doing the online thing. But I think you’ll have a week or two of gap for the lodging. You’ll pay it when you lodge it in person. Not sure about what qualifications will work best since this answer is best answered by an officer in charge.

        • J 16/01/2019   Reply →

          Hi, was wondering if you were successful in getting the Visa with your ACCA qualification?

  • xiaoxin 04/07/2016   Reply →

    hello, i want to know is it possible to submit original coc and letter from college certifying that i have completed 2 yrs of uni study? (due to personal reasons and upcoming hari raya, i was not able to make it to kl end of june to get the abovementioned docs, so now im hoping against hope that should i successfully secure an appointment for myself, there’s a gap between the appointment date and the lodgement date so that i have 1 day to get the docs…)

    thank you in advance!

    • Ying Tey 04/07/2016   Reply →

      I think you’ll have a few days or weeks between the scheduling of appt and lodgement.

  • may mei 05/07/2016   Reply →

    You’re an angel ! Thank you for sharing your important tips!

    I have one question.
    Regarding the online appointments are to be made on VFS’s website on the 11th July 2016 at 9.00 AM, when i request for an appointment do i have to submit any necessary documents online at the same time? Or i only have to submit my form when i receive a specific date where they inform me WHEN and WHERE the lodging the documents?


    • Ying Tey 05/07/2016   Reply →

      No..the online scheduling doesn’t need you to upload documents I think

      • Ang Wee Hong 05/07/2016   Reply →

        It does not need you to give any document but need your personal details like passport number.

  • Emily 21/07/2016   Reply →

    Hi.I have some update information to share. I just went to AVAC to submit document and provide biometric (fingerprints and facial photograph). It just take around 20 minutes. The officer there has inform that passport photo is not required..And this year visa fee will be Rm1556. Good luck to all!!

    • Ella 02/08/2016   Reply →

      Just an addition. RM171 (VFS processing fees) + RM1,385 (visa charges) = RM1,556. If you pay using credit card, it should be 440AUD (MYR is depends on the conversion rate of your bank) + credit card charges.

  • Ella 02/08/2016   Reply →

    Hi, I have just received my e-mail notification that my visa is approved. May I know is that the end for the visa application process? Do I need to go back to the immigration office / vfs office for them to paste some kind like visa certificate on my passport?

    • Ying Tey 02/08/2016   Reply →

      Nope it’s all online. You should receive instructions on your visa approval email. But I believe once it’s approved you’re free to fly to Oz

      • Ella 02/08/2016   Reply →

        Thank you. It’s that means I just need to print out the notification letter and bring along with me when I travel to Australia? They can check from their system when I am at Australia’s immigration?

        • Ying Tey 02/08/2016   Reply →

’s all virtual now. But for your peace of mind, you can always print a copy of the letter.

        • Ella 02/08/2016   Reply →

          I have got my answer. By the way, thanks ying tey.

          Do I need a visa label?
          No. You do not need a visa label in your passport to travel to Australia. If you are granted a visa, you will be provided with a letter that outlines the visa validity, period of stay and conditions by which you must abide. It is recommended that you keep this grant letter with you when you travel to Australia for your information. You can also check your Australian visa details online for free using the Department of Immigration and Border Protection’s Visa Entitlement Verification Online (VEVO) service at

  • piccolos 07/08/2018   Reply →

    Thanks for post this informative. I’m a long time reader
    but ive never commented till now.

    Thanks again for the awesome post.

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