The Best of Korean Culture In Pictures

What’s Korean culture to you?




emergency evacuation








Woman eating raw octopus

Street food

Lotte Greeter


Street food in bowls


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Ying Tey
Ying Tey (Piccola Ying) is a Malaysian freelance writer based in Germany. She's always in the pursuit of adventures and tales; so far, she's chalked up 68 countries to date. She'd previously funded her travels by teaching English on Costa Cruise Ships (yes–including the one that sank!), by making caffè lattes in London and Melbourne, and by writing copy for a Singaporean advertising agency, that persuades you to buy a Mini Cooper instead of a Toyota.

Today, she just wants to inspire you with stories that will make you take the path less travelled.

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  • Stefano Scheda 01/05/2013   Reply →

    Interesting pictures, Ying!
    Ciao da Bologna. 🙂

  • Food – definitely an important expression of culture everywhere!

    • Piccola Ying 02/05/2013   Reply →

      Yes! I agree wholeheartedly. Especially in Asian cultures. It’s really all about the food.

  • agnesstramp 02/05/2013   Reply →

    The lady eating the octopus simply rocks! Those photos perfectly express Korea culture. What’s lotte? I though it was mistakes with a latte coffee 🙂 it happens a lot in China lol

    • Piccola Ying 02/05/2013   Reply →

      Isn’t she just amazing? She just scooped out an octopus from the tank and start biting its tentacles off.
      And oh, Lotte is a multinational food and shopping (and even tours!) corporation that’s really established in both Japan and Korea. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by, Agness! *beams*

  • Great photos! Love them all, but the lady with the octopus is the winner! She’s serious about that creature! I wish we’d had more time to spend in Korea….next time!

    • Piccola Ying 04/07/2013   Reply →

      Yes, that picture does take the cake! I was stunned when she started to scoop out a huge octopus from the basin and starts chewing off its tentacles! I myself didn’t spend too much time in Korea either…next time then! 🙂

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