traveloka app for south east asian travels

Traveloka-a mobile app for cheap flights around South East Asia

Technology is something, isn’t it? With the plethora of travel apps and websites, you now can have amazing flight and accommodation deals at your fingertips.

No queues, no hassle, no elevator music to listen to while you’re on hold.

The problem is, with so many platforms out there, which would you use and where do you even begin?

When I first started out, I was rather restricted to a few airline choices, and even fewer online platforms. I’d choose to take a train or a bus and spend all those nights in cramped up spaces just so that I could save a few more dollars. To a backpacker without a huge set of funds to start off with, every cent counts.

For someone who travels like me, which is rather spontaneously and impulsively, I could never wait around for a free promotional seat, that departs like….some time next year. My dates are random and my destinations vague. All I know is that if I have to leave tomorrow or in two weeks time, there better be a fantastic app that helps me find the best deals in a most convenient way.

traveloka website


After years of relying on Skyscanner, I recently discovered Traveloka. Currently a big hit amongst Indonesians, Traveloka is seems to be THE app especially for South East Asian travel. I thought I put it to a test run.

I looked up Skyscanner and found the cheapest flight available was a combination of Thai LionAir to Bangkok and AirAsia back to KL. I was quoted RM 292 and I got rather excited at the relatively cheap price.

When taken to Thai LionAir to make the real booking, taxes were then slapped on to the price, which made it a grand total of THB 2,155 (RM238). And that was only one way. With both to and fro prices combined, the grand total that I had to pay was RM432.




I also had to go to the respective airlines’ websites to make the booking on my Smartphone as directed by Skyscanner. It was frustrating as AirAsia’s website was not mobile-friendly.

skyscanner-airasia flight

Using Traveloka, I searched for the same dates and discovered the cheapest deal for an AirAsia a
nd Malindo Airlines was RM 403.82

traveloka bangkok

traveloka bangkok

After confirming the flight and passenger details, the price remained. Everything was inclusive, including taxes and no further processing fee. Which was great, because I hated online travel agents or airline websites who would first lure me in to booking a cheap flight, only to discover that I had to pay further fees like taxes, handling fees, credit card fees, etc.

With Traveloka, the process was fast and simple. Within a few clicks and I was done. I didn’t even have to book the separate flights myself.

There’s also a cool SmartCombo function that allows me to travel on full-serviced airlines like MAS, Singapore Airlines and Etihad for up to 40% less!

In this instance, if I were to choose a return MAS flight, I only had to pay RM 468.55. Even if you’re cheap ass backpacker, this is still a steal! You can enjoy all the services of a fully-serviced airlines for not much more.

traveloka bangkok


Perhaps Bangkok was too of an easy destination to research for. So I tried searching for flights to Sorong, Papua instead. It’s my dream destination and I’d like to know if I could afford it.

I looked up the Skyscanner app and this was where the nightmare started. The cheapest was quoted RM 629 on Multiple Airlines with 23 hours 40 minutes and 3 transit stops.

skyscanner sorong

skyscanner lionair to sorong

What a drag. I proceeded to book it but it took me to a crappy LionAir mobile app where I had to key in the details again. But even then, I was only limited to booking a flight from KL to Jakarta instead of all the way to Sorong.

Determined to see it through, I opened up LionAir’s website on my computer and manually entered the details again. This time, I was quoted RM 721 on the same route. Running through Skyscanner’s search, other Online Travel Agents like Travelgenio and Expedia offered flights for RM1017 and above.

On Traveloka, the cheapest was RM 630.81 but it takes about 21 hours. For additional RM50, I could take another flight that would only take 11hr 25 minutes and only 1 transit.


traveloka sorong 2

Clicking on it, I was immediately taken to the payment page. What can I say-I was impressed. Dealing with multiple airlines, I thought I’d suffer the same issue with Skyscanner but instead, the process was hassle-free and without any further surprising fees. Brilliant! I’ve just saved myself lots of time and money.

Granted there are no options for seat selection or any other fancy add-ons, but I didn’t need all that. I only needed the option for checked luggage and that was included. Once you’ve paid up and got your flights confirmed, you also get to view your e-tickets and hotel reservations under the MyBooking tab.

By now, I’m sold.

I don’t know about you, but the next time I’m planning a trip around South East Asia, you’d know which app I’ll be relying on.

You can find Traveloka available on App Store and Google Play.

 What about you? Have you used Traveloka before? Tell me what you think!

DISCLAIMER: This is a sponsored post but as always, I only recommend and write about brands that I personally use or believe in; therefore all views that are expressed here represent only those made by myself and NOT of any other entity in their favour.

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  • Rahman Rafael 06/04/2016   Reply →

    Hey ying! thank you so much for this!

  • Telli 23/01/2017   Reply →

    Hi. Are you still using it? I just discovered it but dony know if i should try it.

  • Ann 20/03/2017   Reply →

    Thank you for the very useful review!
    may I ask, is the airasia flight booked via traveloka including the baggage as well?

    • Ying Tey 20/03/2017   Reply →

      I think you might have to go to AirAsia’s main website to add your luggage. But I’m not entirely sure because I don’t usually add luggage to my flights. Perhaps you can contact their customer service?

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