Catch the Spring in Busan, South Korea

Canola flowers in bloom

Spring dawned rather late in South Korea this year, but after a few days in Busan, the grey skies turned to blue and sunshine broke through the clouds. The crisp cool air became warmer and moister. What was perhaps the most apparent sign that spring has arrived were the blooming of canola flowers.


Along the banks of Nak Dong river in Busan, canola or rapeseed flowers were flourishing in mid April. Stalks of yellow waved under the strong wind, while locals were making preparations for the upcoming Canola Flower Festival in the southern port city of Korea.

Canola or Rapeseed Flowers

Dozens of school children were giggling and playing amongst the tall stalks while teachers were trying to get them in groups for group portraits.

School Portraits

It turned out that these blossoms weren’t just enjoyed by the young. Even the old stopped by to admire the flowers. Several old ladies, completely clad in cycling gear, turned up with a biking entourage.

Old ladies on a swing

Aliff and his Screw The Box crew took their DJI Phantom for a ride. It was the coolest photographic gadget that I’ve ever seen.

DJI Phantom

A sunny day usually gets me in good spirits. I usually don’t like taking photos of myself but that day was an exception. Swinging like a little girl just somehow felt like a moment to capture.

Me on the swing

Do you reckon friendly scarecrows would do the trick?

Friendly Scarecrows

Colourful whirligigs that spun joyfully under the wind

Colourful Whirligigs

The Tiny Wanderer was a guest of AirAsiaX  and Busan Tourism Organization but the opinions and the prattle are of her own.

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