Finding Lake Ohrid in Macedonia

Lake Ohrid, Macedonia


This photo was taken while I was journeying across the Balkans in 2009 with Tim, a good English friend of mine. We’d taken a day trip out to the lake coast of the St. Naum Monastery, where we marvelled at the picturesque coast, teased the aloof peacocks at the monastery’s courtyard and gaped at the Galičica Mountain looming behind.




Ying Tey
Ying Tey (Piccola Ying) is a Malaysian freelance writer based in Germany. She's always in the pursuit of adventures and tales; so far, she's chalked up 68 countries to date. She'd previously funded her travels by teaching English on Costa Cruise Ships (yes–including the one that sank!), by making caffè lattes in London and Melbourne, and by writing copy for a Singaporean advertising agency, that persuades you to buy a Mini Cooper instead of a Toyota.

Today, she just wants to inspire you with stories that will make you take the path less travelled.

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